Saint Matthew’s Parish Church, Broomhedge, Co. Antrim.

War Memorials Unveiled.


Chapman, William J.

Crangle Alfred,


Crangle, Herbert,

Dalton, David,

Megarry, Robert,

Macauley, Samuel J.

Heasley, Alexander.

These Also Served

Bradbury, Samuel.

Bradbury, William B.

Buchanan, Thomas George.

Benson, William A.

Bryans, David.

Bryans, Jos.,

Bryans, Samuel.

Campbell, William.

Crangle, Robert C.

Crangle, Alex.

Crangle, David.

Crangle, Samuel.

Chapman, Arthur.

Charles, Gerard.

Corken, Joshua M.

Dalton, William James.

Davis, Henry.

Dunbar, Francis.

Dunbar, David.

Haywood, William E.

Heasley, Thomas.

Higgins, Ben.

Horner, James.

Johnston, William A.

Johnston, James.

Kidd, Abraham.

Lowry, Herbert.

Lowry, Joseph.

Macauley, William.

Martin, Robert George.

Martin, Albert

Megarry, Thomas.

Nelson, George.

Nelson, Samuel.

Phillips, John.

Parker, Thomas.

Quaile, William John.

Stewart, William.

Stewart, Alexander.

Stewart, Robert Theodore.

Thompson, Robert George.

Thompson, James H.

Topping, Thomas.

Topping, William.

Turner, William J.

Walsh, David.

Walls, William.

Walsh, Thomas.

Walsh, William John.

In patriotism and loyalty to King and Empire, the rural districts of Northern Ireland are not behind the urban, and man for man in proportion to their population gave of their best in the Great War, more than compensating for any alleged duller mental uptake by brawn and muscle, and the will to do or die for right and justice.

In this respect, Broomhedge was in the very forefront, and it was only in keeping with the fitness of things that the parishioners there should place in their church memorials to the members of the congregation who made the supreme sacrifice in the war.

These took the form of a mural tablet, on which the names of the fallen and also all those who served are engraved, and a small but beautiful new organ for the fuller beauty of the worship of the Church. The memorials were dedicated at special service on Sunday afternoon July 24, 1921, by the Lord Bishop of Down (Right Rev. C. T. P. Grierson.)

The Church, which adjoins the main road, is almost hidden from view by a protective belt of beautiful trees standing four-square, symbolic, as it were, of the virility and patriotism of the people of the neighbourhood. On Sunday, as on all great occasions, a large Union Jack was placed on the tower, and floating high above the green foliage, was visible for miles around. Admittedly, the church itself is not a big one, but it is quite large enough to meet the normal needs of the district at normal times. On Sunday afternoon, however, it proved hopelessly inadequate to hold all who sought to enter its portals and hundreds had to remain outside.

Rev. John Leslie, the rector, said the prayers, the Rev. W. H. H. Ruddock (Stoneyford) reading the lessons, following which the ceremonies of opening the new organ and unveiling the tablet were performed respectively by Mr. J. Milne Barbour, D.L., M.P., and Captain Arthur F. Charley, R.U.R.

The memorials were then solemnly dedicated by his Lordship, who read out the names of the fallen:-


Chapman, William J; Crangle Alfred; Crangle, Herbert; Dalton, David; Megarry, Robert; Macauley, Samuel J.; Heasley, Alexander.


Bradbury, Samuel; Bradbury, William B.; Buchanan, Thomas George; Benson, William A.; Bryans, David; Bryans, Jos.; Bryans, Samuel; Campbell, William; Crangle, Robert C.; Crangle, Alex.; Crangle, David; Crangle, Samuel; Chapman, Arthur; Charles, Gerard; Corken, Joshua M.; Dalton, William James; Davis, Henry.

Dunbar, Francis; Dunbar, David; Haywood, William E.; Heasley, Thomas; Higgins, Ben; Horner, James; Johnston, William A.; Johnston, James; Kidd, Abraham; Lowry, Herbert; Lowry, Joseph; Macauley, William; Martin, Robert George; Martin, Albert; Megarry, Thomas; Nelson, George; Nelson, Samuel; Phillips, John; Parker, Thomas; Quaile, William John; Stewart, William; Stewart, Alexander; Stewart, Robert; Theodore; Thompson, Robert George; Thompson, James H.; Topping, Thomas; Topping, William; Turner, William J.; Walsh, David; Walls, William; Walsh, Thomas; Walsh, William John.

The Lord Bishop then dedicated the tablet, saying:-We dedicated this tablet to the glory of God and in honour of the men of this parish who served in the Royal Navy and Army in the Great War, and in memory of the heroes who nobly sacrifice their lives for King and Country, in the cause of Freedom and Humanity. In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen. Then followed a short prayer by the Lord Bishop, after which the “Last Post” and Reveille,  was sounded by two buglers, and the entire congregation, which had remained standing, sang the National Anthem.

Subsequently the Lord Bishop entered the pulpit and delivered an eloquent and touching address from the (Section illegible). After the sounding of the “Last Post” the National Anthem was sung. Then the Bishop entered the pulpit and preached a beautiful sermon, based on the words “And they sang a new.” (Remainder of report is illegible).

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