LODGE  102, LIFFORD, County Donegal

LODGE 191, BUNCRANA [Buncrana is in County Donegal. This Lodge meets in County Londonderry.]

LODGE 271, LETTERKENNY, County Donegal

LODGE  281, ST. JOHNSTON, County Donegal



The Fallen

Baird, John G., Private, Royal Engineers

Moore, Edward, Private, Canadians

Weir, John, Captain. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

These Served

Kelly, Samuel, Corporal, Canadians

Patterson, William J., Lieutenant, Royal Army Service Corps

Snodgrass, Q. G., Sergeant-Major, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

White, Samuel E., Private.


LODGE 191, BUNCRANA [Buncrana is in County Donegal. This Lodge meets in County Londonderry.]

These Served

Amos, Edgar S., Sergeant, Royal Engineers

Andrews, Ernest R., D.S.C., Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve

Astbury, Robert, Sergeant, Royal Garrison Artillery

Baldrick, David, Sergeant

Batty, George, Engineer, Royal Naval Reserve

Bernard-Smith, R. B., Lieutenant, Royal Engineers

Boardman, Joseph, Royal Marine Light Infantry

Booth, George H., Captain, Royal Naval Reserve

Brewster, Howard, Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery

Brown, Henry S., Sergeant, Royal Engineers

Bruce, Norman J., Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Bullamore, Thomas H, Captain, Royal Naval Reserve

Burgess, Herbert, Captain, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Burns, William, Company Sergeant-Major, Royal Irish Fusiliers

Campion, Sidney J., Captain, Royal Naval Reserve

Christie, Andrew, Sergeant-Major,

Clarke, James E., Sergeant, Royal Engineers

Collins, William S., Sapper, Royal Engineers

Cromie, Hugh, Corporal, Royal Engineers

Cross, W. J., Sergeant, Royal Irish Fusiliers

Crowe, B. R., Sergeant, Royal Engineers

Davis, Robert, Petty Officer, Royal Navy

Dignan, Alex., Petty Officer, Royal Navy

Elliott, Edward, Petty Officer, Royal Naval Reserve.

Evans, Edward, Eng., Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.

Fawcett, Ernest, Telegraphist, Royal Navy

Field, Fred, Writer, Royal Navy

Flint, William H., Sergeant, Royal Army Service Corps

Franklin, B., Captain, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

Freeman, E. W., Petty Officer, Royal Navy

Garratt, Arthur, D.S.C., Petty Officer, Royal Navy

Goode, John H., M.C., Lieutenant, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

Goodison, Lewis A., Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.

Gray, John K., Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles

Greenshield, Rev. E., W. T., Chaplain, Royal Navy

Haig, Fred, Sergeant, Royal Garrison Artillery 

Hamilton, Frank, Company Sergeant-Major, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

Harrop, Charles P., Sergeant, Royal Engineers

Hart, Edward, Royal Naval Reserve

Hewitt, Harold William, Sergeant, Royal Engineers

Hime, John G. W., Major.

Hodge, Alexander, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.

Horlea, Walter L., Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery  

Horsburgh, Robert, Captain, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.

James, Herbert R., Petty Officer, Royal Navy

Jennings, William L, Lieut, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.

Jones, John, Sergeant, Royal Engineers

Jump, Harold W., Sergeant, Royal Engineers

Kirkman, George H., Electrician, Royal Navy

Ledger, John R., Petty Officer, Royal Navy

Lodge, James H. P., Sergeant-Major, Royal Garrison Artillery 

McClintock, John C., Captain, A.O.C.

Martin, Walter L., S.B.A. Royal Navy

May, John, Lieutenant.

Mead Clarke W., Captain, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Mills, Alfred G., Royal Navy

Muir, Robert, Lieutenant, Royal Engineers

Myers, Joseph H., Chief Petty Officer

O’Mahoney, Francis, Staff-Sergeant, Royal Engineers

Oliver, Gilbert, M.C., Lieutenant, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

Oliver, Robert C., Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve

Parish, Fred, C.E., Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Payne, Percy G., Staff-Sergeant, Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Pearcey, Alfred E., Sergeant-Major

Pearcey, John William, Sergeant-Major, Royal Engineers

Picton, W. R., Lieutenant, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

Rae, William T., Telegraphist, Royal Navy

Richards, Regd. L., Royal Garrison Artillery

Roberts, H. E., Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Royal, Alfred, Captain, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Russell, James W., Company-Sergeant-Major, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

Ryan, Robert E., Sergeant, Royal Army Service Corps

Sadler, D., Petty Officer, Royal Navy

Sancto, Fredk. E., Sergeant-Major, Royal Engineers

Sarginson, James, Sapper, Royal Engineers

Sharkey, James, Captain, Royal Naval Reserve

Shorts, H. G., Major, Royal Army Service Corps

Sim, William M., Engineer, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Simmonds, Ernest, Petty Officer, Royal Navy

Soldie, David, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

Spearpoint, J. W., Sergeant, Royal Garrison Artillery

Stephens, Henry, Sergeant-Major, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

Stewart, Frank L., Lieutenant, Royal Engineers

Sunderland, David, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Tarlton, Luther D., Corporal, Royal Engineers

Towner, B. William, Quarter-Master Sergeant, Royal Irish Fusiliers

Truscott, Bernd. H., Lieutenant, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

Usher, George, Sergeant, Royal Irish Fusiliers

Vaughan, R. E., Commander, Royal Navy

Voyle, George, V.C, Petty Officer, Royal Navy

Walters, J. D., Captain, Royal Engineers

Watson, James, Staff-Sergeant, Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Way, Percival V. J., Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery

Weir, Samuel S., Sergeant, Royal Army Service Corps

Wells, Edgar, Sergeant, Royal Garrison Artillery

Weston, Wm. Edward, Corporal, Royal Irish Fusiliers

Wheatley, Ernest, Sergeant, Royal Garrison Artillery

Whitelock, T., Petty Officer, Royal Navy

Wiley, David, Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve

Williams, Percy, D.M., Royal Irish Fusiliers

Wilson, Robert T., Lieutenant,

Wren, Stephen G. G., Lieutenant, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

Wright, David H., Lieutenant,

Wright, John P., Sergeant, Royal Garrison Artillery.



These Served

Glenn, John J., Captain, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

McCausland, Joseph, Captain, Royal Army Medical Corps.



These Served

Ash, William T., M.M., Royal Navy, Wireless Operator

Boyd, George T., Sergeant, Canadians

Connor, Patrick, Coastguards, Royal Navy, Wireless Operator

Corry, Samuel B., Corporal, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Curry, William J., Quarter Master-Sergeant, Royal Garrison Artillery

Duffy, Joseph S., Sapper, Royal Engineers

Horobin, Alfred J., Captain Durham Light Infantry

Ingram, Charles, Sergeant-Major, Royal Garrison Artillery

McClean, Francis G., Sergeant, North Irish Horse

Neely, Alexander, Sapper, Royal Engineers

Russell, John A., Sergeant, Canadians

Scott, William, Private, Royal Air Force

Smyth, Hugh E., Royal Naval Reserve

Tease, Findley G., Sergeant, Canadians.

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