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Ballygowan Presbyterian Church, Co. Down.


On Sunday, 23rd Nov., the Rev. Dr. Lowe, Clerk of the Assembly, conducted special services in Ballygowan Presbyterian Church. At the close of the morning service the Rev. Wm. K. McLernon, pastor loci, read the names of the members of the congregation who had made the supreme sacrifice, and called upon Mrs. J. Hill(?) Dickson, Ardmore, Ballygowan, to unveil a window that had been erected to their memory. While the congregation remained standing the choir sang a portion of the hymn, “Now the labourer’s task is o’er,” and Dr. Lowe offered the dedicatory prayer.

The solemn and impressive ceremony was brought to a close by the singing of the National Anthem and the pronouncing of the benediction. The memorial window is a single light, in which is depicted a knight in full armour holding a spear and bearing a shield, on which is embrazoned the arms of Ulster. The knight wears a cloak of a rich ruby colour, which makes a fine contrast to the dark greens and purple blues of the background. The inscription reads, “Be thou faithful until death and I will give thee a crown of life,” and the crown is shown in the background above the figure. The whole subject is enclosed by a band of interlacing Celtic strapwork ornament, which breaks out into panels at the base and top of the window, in which is introduced some jewel-like colour in rubies, blues, and purples, enclosed in the strapwork of yellows. The whole is a fine piece of colouring, which harmonises completely with the figure of Faith in the Companion window on the other side of the pulpit.

A brass panel below the recently erected window contains an appropriate inscription and the names of those who fell-Robert J. Burrows, James Clarke, Robert Douglas, Samuel Gibson, Samuel Grant, Charles Hill, Lowry Jordan, Samuel Wallace Jordan, Robert J. McDowell, William Barry Millar(?), John Mills, Harry Young, and George Young. A further memorial is in contemplation.

Newtownards Chronicle, 6th December 1919, page 5

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