Campbell College, Belfast. War Dead.

The Memorial, which was erected in the school’s Central hall, was designed by Captain James R. Young an old Campbellian who served through the Great War.

594 Campbellians served in the war of whom 124 were killed, of these 92 had served in the Royal Irish Rifles, of whom 27 were killed

Second-Lieutenant Edmund Dewind, Royal Irish Rifles, had earned the Victoria Cross while another former pupil was the first Irishman to win the D.F.C.  In all, Old Campbellians won 147 decorations in the field.

The names of the old boys and members of the staff who fell: —M. Agnew, H. S. Allison, J. G. Anderson, M.C.

M. A. Barker, E. W. Barrett, W. Bartley, W. L. Berkeley, J. W. Bingham,

Black, J. K. Boal, E. G. Boas, C. V. Boyd, E. Buyers, F. H. Bradley, D. S. S. Brown, W. A. Burges.

J. Calvert, W. Carruthers, R. Carson, C. M. Christie, J. K. Clarke, J. Collen, H. F. Cooke, M. L. Cooper, D.F.C., I. M. Craig.

E. Davey, J. S. Davidson, H. C. M. Davis, H. O. Davis, J. Davis, E. Dewind, V.C., R. K. Dilworth, E. T. Dobson, H. H. Dunwoody.

M. Edgar, W. V. Edwards.

M’D. Fetherston, S. A. Fleming V. Gault, T. M. Greeves.

R. T. Hackett, C. H. W. Hanna, W. Hamilton, T. S. Haslett, M.C., G. R. Healy, R. P. Hemphill, G. H. Herriot, R. G. Hunter.

M. Johnston, E. Johnston, M.C., J. A. Johnston, J. B. Johnston, T. C. Jones-Nowlan.

G. Kerr, M.C., E. B. Kertland, W. E. King, A. G. Kyle.

V. Lea, F. P. M. Leonard, J. E. Lowry.

K. M’Bride, C. D. M’Cammon, W. G. M’Caw, J. F, D. M’Cay, H. M’Cloy, R. W. M’Connell, I. C. M’Cormack, G. D. M’Cullagh, R. W. MacDermott, E. L. M’Donald, M. W. M’Donald, R. G. M’Elney, M.C., T. M. M’Ferran, W. D. M’Kee, E. R. MacKenny, W. J. F. MacKeown, U. M’Quoid.

C. Macnaghten, B. M. Malone, G. C. Martin, S. Todd Martin, J. L. Millar. A. G. Mitchell, G. Mitchell, H. T. K. Mitchell, W. Moore.

L. Neill, C. A. Owens, W B. Owens, F. L, Parker, T. M’C. Phillips, W. J. Porter, W. H. Quarry.

T. T. Rea, J. H. M. Redding, H. D. Ritchie, C. A. Robinson, G. M. Rogers, M. C. Rogers. R. S. Ross.

E. W. Semple, W. D. Semple, E, L. Shaw, J. B. Sims, J. H. Sinclair, Donard Irvine-Smith, W. H. Smyth, P. S. Snell, C. D. F. Somers, H. Stevenson.

S. Taylor, J. A. H. Taylor, R. L. Thompson, M.C., C. R. G. Vance.

L. Walker, R. C. Wallace, B. Watson, J. H. Watson, G. W. Webb, G. J.

White, W. C. White, R. C. Whiteside, D. S. Wilkinson. F M. Wookey, and Master W. H. Madden.

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