At a parade and show of the Ulster Division held in France last month [May, 1017] Rifleman Turkington, 14th R.I. Rifles (Y.C.V.s) son of Mr. Turkington, principal teacher of Magheragall N.S., got second prize for his transport teams, first honours going to the R.F.A. Rifleman Turkington is at present home on a short leave, the first since the Division went to the front, and is looking quite fit.


On Wednesday evening the ceremony of presenting certificates of honour to the relatives of soldiers from Magheragall district took place in the Rectory grounds. Tea was provided in the schoolhouse for the relatives and the Magheragall Flute Band, and afterwards the certificates were presented by Mr. Thomas Richardson, Springfield, by whose forethought they had been suitably framed. The band contributed a number of selections which were greatly appreciated. The following received certificates: —

Miss Caskey, Lissue, for Thomas Caskey, N.I.H.

Mrs. Dodds, Knockmore, for Edward Dodds, A. and S. Highlanders.

William Dickson, Brookhill, for Charles Dickson, R.I.R.

David Geddes, Magheragall, for David Geddes, R.I.R.

Mrs. Gratton, Ballycarrickmaddy, for James Gratton, R.I.R., and Albert Peel, R.I.R.

Mrs. E. A. Hawthorne, Drumscill, for Albert Hawthorne, R.I.R.

Mrs. E. Hawthorne, Mullaghcarton, for Charles Hawthorne, R.I.R.

Mrs. Hudson, Drumscill, for Frederick Hudson, sergeant North Staffs.

Mrs. Hunter, Kilcorig, for James Hunter, Canadians.

John Martin, late of Magheragall, for Alexander Martin, New Zealanders;

William Martin, second-lieutenant R.I.R.; and John Martin, A.S.C.

Mrs. M’Curry, Ballyellough, for Thomas M’Curry, R.I.R.

Mrs. Moore, Kilcorig, for William Moore, R.I.R.

Mrs. Munn, Knockmore, for Henry Munn, sergeant, R.I.R.

James M’Murtry, Ballymave, for William M’Murtry, R.I.R.

Mrs. M’Donald, Knocknarea, for William M’Donald, R.I.R.

Mrs. Russell, Ballymacash, for James Russell, R.I.R.

Mrs. Turkington, Moneybroom, for Joseph Turkington, R.I.R.

Mrs. Tolerton, Knocknarea, for James Tolerton, R.I.R., and Thomas Tolerton, R.I.R.

Robert Spence, Ballymave, for Thomas Spence, Canadians.

John Tolerton, Mullaghcarton, for Robert Tolerton, R.I.R.

Mrs. Turtle, Magaberry, for Thomas Turtle, R.F.A.

Mrs. Watson, Knocknarea, for Joseph Watson, R.I.R.

It was also mentioned that the following had already obtained certificates in Lisburn: — Mrs. T. Greer, Kilcorig, for Wm. Greer, A.S.C.; Mrs. M’Comb, Ballymave, for Edward M’Comb, sergeant R.I.R., and Robert M’Pherson, R.I.R.; Mrs. Patterson, Knockmore, for Alexander Patterson, N.I.H. On the same day the annual Sunday School treat was held, and was greatly enjoyed by the children.

Lisburn Standard, 2nd August, 1918.

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