St. John’s Church of Ireland, Laganbank, Belfast.

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This church no longer exists.

This handsome little church on the Laganbank, is certainly doing its full share in the present crisis. Fifty members of the congregation are serving with the colours. The church members have given generously to collections raised on behalf of the Prince of Wales’s National Relief Fund and for the British Red Cross Society. They organised “a gift day” for comforts for the soldiers and sailors, and many of the congregation are assisting in ambulance and hospital work. A handsome “Rule of Honour” has been presented to the church by the secretary of the vestry (Mr. F.W. Moneypenny). It contains the names of all the members on active service. They are as follows: –

Adjey, D. Royal Irish Rifles
Brewer, F.A. Sergeant, North Irish Horse
Brewer, C. North Irish Horse
Brewer, R. North Irish Horse
Clulow, E., 2nd Dragoon Guards
Clulow, J. Gordon Highlanders
Clulow, R., Royal Irish Rifles
Clulow, T. 2nd South Lancs.
Clulow, W. Royal Irish Rifles
Collins, E. Royal Irish Rifles
Collins, S. Irish Guards
Connell, J. H.M.S. Active
Connell, W. H.M.S. Monmouth
Davey, S. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers;
Doherty, S. 10th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles
Dunne, E. 10th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles
Ferguson, W.J. Royal Irish Rifles

Gordon, R.J., H.M.S. Bellona
Gordon, W.J. Royal Marine Light Infantry
Hill, J. Royal Irish Rifles
Hinds, C. Cadet 16th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles
Hobson, D., Royal Army Service Corps
Johnston, J. Gunner, Royal Field Artillery
Johnston, R. Royal Irish Fusiliers, 10th Brigade,
Johnston, T. Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery
Kells, J. 8th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles
Kenelty(?), C. 10th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles
Kenelty(?), E. 10th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles
M’Bride, Joseph, colour-sergeant, 48th Highlanders, Canada
M’Connell, W.J. Royal Army Service Corps
M’Cracken, A. 2nd Batt. Royal Irish Rifles
M’Cracken, J. 6th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles

Matchett, J. 10th Batt, Royal Irish Rifles
McGovney, J. Royal Irish Fusiliers;
Moffatt, J. Royal Irish Rifles
Moffatt, W. H.M.S. Undaunted;
Moffatt, W. Royal Irish Rifles
Morgan, A. Royal Engineers;
Morrison, Alexander Royal Marines;
Morrison, John, 8th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles
Murray, W. Canadian contingent;
Robinson, A. 8th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles
Robinson, H. 6th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles
Robinson, W.J. Royal Army Medical Corps
Robinson, W.J.H. 10th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles
Townsley, R. 19th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles
White, J. Royal Irish Rifles
White, John, 14th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles

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