Unveiling and Dedication Ceremony.

On Sunday [May 16, 1920], at the conclusion of the morning service in Armagh First Presbyterian Church, an interesting ceremony took place when two beautifully finished tablets, bearing the names of members of the congregation who had served in the great war, were unveiled by Rev. David Miller, B.A., a former pastor of the congregation, and Mrs. Miller. The event had been looked forward to with considerable interest and there was a very large attendance at the service which was of a most appropriate character.

The tablets, which are of white Sicilian marble, were carried out by M. Walker, monumental sculptor, The Mall, Armagh, and each bears the names of the members of the church who gave their services to the King and Empire, with the following inscription at the top of each: – “1914, Roll of Honour, 1918. To the members of the congregation who volunteered and served in the great war.”

The special preacher was Rev. William Corkey M.A., and hymns appropriate to the occasion were sung.  At the conclusion of the ordinary service the unveiling ceremony took place. After the unveiling prayer was offered by the Rev. Mr. Miller, the band of the First Armagh Company of the Boys’ Brigade, which was in attendance, played the National Anthem, the entire proceedings, which were of a brief duration being off the most impressive and solemn character.

The tablets bear the following names: –

First Tablet.

Blair, Harry;

Boyd, Herbert;

Bratten, James;

Briggs, John J.;

Brittain, Ernest;

Brooks, Edith K.;

Brown, Robert, (Lieut.-Col),

Castles, Edward;

Clarke, Henry;

Clarke, William J.,

Dunlop, John L. (Captain),

Farley, A. F. M’A;

Ferris, Helena,

Ferris, Joseph S., (Lieut.)

Ferris, William T., (Lieut.)

Foster, Charles, (Lieut.)

Gallagher, George H.;

Gallagher, William;

Hopkins, John, D.C.M

Hutton, Charles;

Hutton, William;

Irwin, Robert J.;

Kerr, William;

Leeman, Percival G., M.C., (Captain)

Leeman, Reginald T., (Captain)

Second Tablet

Macartney, George;

Magill, Samuel;

Mahaffey, Lamont;

Mahaffey, Lamont H., (Captain)

M’Alister, John;

Martin, Leslie;

M’Ateer, Alexander;

Maxwell, Herbert;

Maxwell, Margaret J., R.R.C.

Maxwell, Robert;

North Herbert,

McDougall, John;

M’Laughlin, John S.;

Miller, R.C., (Lieut.)

M’Kennell, John;

Moffett, Robert,

Reid, William G.;

Raynor, Samuel;

Sloan, James;

Sleator, Clyde;

Thompson, Alex B.;

Thompson, Bertram, (Lieut.)

Todd, H.;

Todd, Fred, W.

Trimble, Alan;

Trimble, Charles, (Lieut.)

At the evening service there was a large congregation when the Rev. Mr. Corkey again delivered an able and interesting sermon.

Armagh Standard, May 22, 1920.

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