This page contains four images, the names of THE FALLEN 1939-1945 and a report on the unveiling and dedication ceremony.

Cregagh Unveiling image

The Colony, Cregagh, Belfast.

Cregagh WW 1
Thiepval Cregagh 2

The “Colony” was the name given to a development by the Irish Soldiers and Sailors Land Trust in 1925 to provide homes for returning heroes (ex-servicemen) and their families.

The development was built on a green field site. The streets were named after Great War battles, Bapaume Avenue, Picardy Avenue, Thiepval Avenue, Hamel Drive, Albert Drive, Somme Drive.

There is a Great War memorial without names. This memorial was unveiled and dedicated twice. Reports to follow.


HAMILTON, W. Royal Ulster Rifles

HUTCHINSON, N. Royal Ulster Rifles

McMILLEN, R. Royal Ulster Rifles

STEVENSON, E. Royal Ulster Rifles

BELSHAW, A.  Royal Air Force

NEWTON, J. L. Royal Air Force

KELLY, P. Royal Air Force

MARTIN, W. Royal Navy

PROUDFOOT, A. Royal Navy

CASSIDY, J. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

STEWART, A. Merchant Navy

O’NEILL, J. Irish Guards

SPRINKS, E. Irish Guards

CRAIG, W. 2nd, A.I.F.


Service No. 2204866

Son of Charles and Margaret Kelly, Somme Drive, Cregagh, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The following information is courtesy of Philip Doms, [centre in image below] one of a small group of people who raised a monument to the dead crew near the crash site.

‘Charles Philip Kelly, from 6 Somme Drive, Belfast, was a Flight Engineer with the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. The Lancaster bomber in which he was flying was shot down over Belgium on the night of 25/04/1944. There were no survivors.

On the 50th anniversary of the crash a memorial was erected in the local village to the crew.

Recently [2010] the crash site area has received planning permission for development.

During the clearing of some trees pieces of aluminium appeared. The owner and also developer of the site, granted permission for further investigations.

Since then, other parts including an engine have been found.

‘The proposed plans are to excavate further and to make from the found pieces a symbol for the fallen. It will be placed at a special place at the site, a place for remembrance and reflection nearby the crash site. The new buildings and the two new streets on the building site will be named after the crew members.’

The memorial is located on the border of Sint-Katelijne-Waver and Mechelen. The event will take place on 25th April 2014, 70 years on from the day the crew lost their lives

C Kelly Mmem

Philip Doms, one of the small group who organized and undertook the erection of the memorial, is in the centre of the image. Charles Kelly’s image is in the top right.

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