The Names of the FALLEN.

John Adair,  

Hugh Ard,  

George Boyd,

William J. Bryans,

George Bratton, 

William H. Bridgett.

George Burns,

Samuel Campbell,

Neville D. Clarke,

Charles A. Collins,

John H. Conolly,

David W. Crothers,

Charles Cunningham,

James Dickson,

Thomas G. Dixon,

George Donnelly,  

Richard Douglas 

John Elliott, 

Joseph F. Ferris,

John Fitzsimmons,

Hugh E. Flanagan,

William H. M. Flanagan,

George Fowler,

David W. Foy,

Oliver Gibson,

Thomas Gordon,

Robert Graham,

William H. Grainger,

Thomas Halliday,

William J. Hastings,

Edward Hawthorne,

Kirkwood Heaney,

Joseph Hill,

Frederick J. Horner,

John Howatt, 

Herbert Howatt

Henry Howe,

John S. Hunter,

George Jennings,

James Johnston,

Samuel Johnston,

James Johnston,  

James Jones,

William E. Kennedy,

John Kernaghan, 

Henry Larkin,

Robert Lavery,

James E. Lenighan,

William Lowry

Samuel Lowry,

Joseph H. Lunn,

James Magill,

John Magill,

Joseph Mallon, senior;

Joseph Mallon, junior;

Frederick W. Marshall,

Thomas Martin,

Frederick M’Cann,

John M’Dowell,

James M’Dowell,

John M’Mullan,

Walter T. M’Curry,

William M’Laughlin,

Stewart M’Williams,

Robert Milligan,

Henry D. Mohan,

Frank Nesbitt,

George Pitman, 

Thomas J. Reid,

William H. Ridgway,

William Rogers,

James Scott,

George Sherlock,

Robert Skillen,

William H. Stanfield,

Miles Stott,

Archibald E. Thomas,

Charles Tweedie

Thomas J. Uprichard,

George Walsh,

John Warnock

James White,

Arthur Worth.

Bishop Dedicates War Memorial.

Special services were held in the St. Mary Magdalene Church, Belfast, yesterday in connection with the twentieth anniversary of the rebuilding of the church, and the dedication of a handsome tablet in memory of the men of church who fell in the great war. There were crowded congregations.  The dedication ceremony took place at the morning service.  Six hundred of the parish served in the Empire’s forces and eighty-three made the supreme sacrifice.  It is a proud record, and the memory of the dead perpetuated on the tablet memorial is a beautiful one. It has a background of exqui­sitely carved and polished marble. On the top are the words, “For God, and King, and country,” and on the base, in separate corners, the dates “1914-1918.”  Between the dates are two crossed swords and crown. Set in this marble framework is a brass slab containing the 83 names of the men who fell, and underneath is the inscription- “Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away,” and “Lest we forget.” The artists were Messrs Purdy & Millard.

The Names of the Honoured Dead are as above.

Mr. Thomas J. Wilson, rector’s churchwarden, unveiled the memorial at the request of the Bishop, who dedicated it. Four buglers of the 1st Com­pany Boys’ Brigade sounded “The Last Post,” and a verse of the National Anthem was sung.

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