1st Newtownards Troop of Boy Scouts War Memorial Tablet

1st Newtownards Boy Scouts.

 Tremendous Roll of Honour Unveiled.

 A very pleasant hour was spent in the Orange Hall, Newtownards, on the evening of the 9th October, 1918, when the Boy Scouts of No. 1 Troop gave their annual entertainment and social, to which the parents and other friends of the boys were thoughtfully invited by the Scoutmaster Mr. H. Maddock and officers of the Troop. The invitation, needless to say, was largely availed of, with the result that there was a very large attendance.

After tea and the other good things supplied had been done due justice to, and before the programme was entered on, the Scoutmaster called on Mr. James Blow, hon. secretary of the Local Association Committee, to present some warrants to members of the Troop and to read the Roll of Honour.

Mr. Blow, who was cordially received, said he had much pleasure in being present and making the awards on behalf of the Local Association. He understood that two of the boys had enlisted since the warrants were issued, but he would have pleasure in handing them over to the mothers or other representatives. Referring to the Roll of Honour, Mr. Blow said he was greatly pleased the Troop had such a big one-he might say they had a tremendous Roll of Honour, and one of which Newtownards should be, and were proud. Three of the boys had made the supreme sacrifice in the war, viz., James McNeilly, Charles McLean, and Alexander Doggart. Their parents had the consolation of knowing that they died a noble death, and for a righteous cause. Two of the members of the Troop had received awards for their services on the field of battle, Viz., Robert Houston, the Military Medal, and R. D. Maddock, the Military Service Medal. Those awards were a credit not only to the boys themselves, but to the Troop to which they belonged, and also to Newtownards. As he had already said, their Roll of Honour was a big one, and he, personally, was proud of them. Their names were, in addition to the three mentioned who had made the supreme sacrifice:-from the original No. 1 Troop-George Hamilton, R. D. Maddock, Thomas Maddock, Robert Johnston, Robert Houston, Hugh Paden, Robert Phillips, William Steven, John Steven, Joshua Williamson, John Palmer, Joseph Murphy, Robert Fowles. From the reformed No. 1 Troop-Gordon Kennedy, Isaac Harris, George Perry, John Morrison, Robert Hawkins, W. J. Anderson, James Colville, Joseph Cairnduff, Isaac Harris, George Phillips, William Keenan, and Alfred Johnston. Mr. Blow then handed over the warrants of assistant scoutmasters to Thomas Baxter, Isaac Harris, James Colville. No. 1 Troop had also started a Troop of Cubs, of which Miss Wightman and Miss Baxter had kindly undertaken the duties of scoutmistresses. He understood the Cubs were making splendid progress, and he wished them every success.

Newtownards Chronicle, October 19, 1918.

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