The Names of the FALLEN.

Michael R. L. Armstrong, Lieutenant R.E.

Robert St. J. Blacker-Douglas, M.C., Lieutenant, Irish Guards

Absalom Abraham, 9th R.I.F.

Joseph Glass, sergeant 10th R.I.F.

Harry Hinds, Lance-Corporal, 9th R.I.F.

Archie Houston, 9th R.I.F.

Alexander Lennon, 9th R.I.F.

John M’Naye, 9th R.I.F.

Robert Warden, 9th R.I.F.

Unveiling and Dedication Ceremony.

An impressive service was held in Killylea Parish Church, on Sunday morning, [April, 17, 1921] when His Grace the Lord Primate dedicated three war memorials. There was a very large congregation. The service was conducted by the Rector Rev. Guy W. L’Estrange, M.A.

The first memorial is a mural tablet erected in the church by the members of the congregation to the memory of those connected with the parish who fell in the war. It is of white marble on a grey marble base, and bears the following names: – Michael R. L. Armstrong, Lieutenant R.E.; Robert St. J. Blacker-Douglas, M.C., Lieutenant, Irish Guards; Absalom Abraham, 9th R.I.F.; Joseph Glass, sergeant 10th R.I.F.; Harry Hinds, Lance-Corporal, 9th R.I.F.; Archie Houston, 9th R.I.F.; Alexander Lennon, 9th R.I.F.; John M’Naye, 9th R.I.F.; Robert Warden, 9th R.I.F.

The names of 33 others who served are also inscribed on the tablet.

The second memorial is a stained-glass window erected in the chancel by Mr. H. B. Armstrong, D.L., Dean’s Hill, Armagh, and Mrs Armstrong in memory of their son, Michael Richard Leader Armstrong, Second-Lieutenant, R.E., 36th Ulster Division, B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge, who fell in action at Thiepval Wood, above the valley of the Ancre, on April 22nd, 1916, aged 26.

The third memorial is a silver paten, the gift of Mrs L’Estrange in memory of her sister, Miss Kathleen Brownell, who was drowned when returning to honorary war work in London when the R.M.S. Leinster was torpedoed on 10th October, 1918.

After the dedication the “Last Post” was sounded by buglers of the R.I.F., who also sounded the “Reveille” after the National Anthem at the close of the service. Special music, including Jackson’s “Te Deum” and Steiner’s anthem “What are these?” Was rendered by the choir.

The Lord Primate preached an eloquent and impressive sermon, and the offertory was in aid of St. Dunstan’s Hostel for Blind soldiers.

Armagh Standard, April 23, 1921

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