List of Barristers Serving. March 1915.

A large number of members of the Irish Bar have joined his Majesty’s forces since the out­break of war, the total now being sixty-five. The great majority are volunteers for Kitchener’s Army, but several are at present on active ser­vice at the front, and one, Lieutenant T. F. Teeling, of the King’s Own Scottish Borderers, is a prisoner of war. Lieutenant H. O. Holmes, R.F.A., son of ex-Lord Justice Holmes, was at the front for some time, but is at present in training with his battery in Ireland. Two members of the North-West Bar hold important positions in the Irish military command, Captain T. W. Dickie, R.D.F., being Intelligence Officer at Queenstown, and Captain T. J. D. Atkinson, Staff Captain, Headquarters, Dublin Castle. Promotion has been very rapid in the case of several of the volunteers. Messrs. Poole Hickman, Thomas Hughes, E. L. Julian, and G. G. Place who en­listed in the Royal Dublin Fusiliers shortly after the outbreak of war, have all received commissions and now hold the rank of captain in different regiments.

The following is a list of Circuit Barristers serving :—

North-West Bar—Atkinson, T. J. D., Captain, Royal Irish Fusiliers; Dickie, T. W., Captain, Royal Dublins ; Proctor, J. C. B., Captain, Inniskillings; Samuels, A. P.. Captain, R.I. Rifles; Lipsett, L. R., Lieutenant, A.S.C.; Holmes, H. O., Lieutenant, R.F.A. ; Johnston, J. Weir, Lieu­tenant, Army Ordnance Department; Lee. J. B., Lieutenant, 7th Munster Fusiliers; Munn, L. O., Second-Lieutenant, 11th Inniskillings; Atkinson, W. H. Sergeant, R.D.F.; Lipsett, W. A., Pri­vate, Canadian Expeditionary Force; Plunkett, Gerald, Sub-Lieutenant, Naval Brigade; Hughes, T., Captain, Connaught Rangers.

North-East Bar—Burgess, R. B., Captain, A.S.C.; Crozier, W. M., Lieutenant, 11th Inniskillings; Wilson, D. M., K.C., Lieutenant, 11th Inniskillings; Kingan, T. D., Lieutenant; Le­land, J. H. F., Second-Lieutenant, Royal Welsh Fusiliers; Longworth, E. V., Second-Lieutenant, R.I. Rifles; MacKeown, W. W., Second-Lieutenant, R.I. Rifles; Smyth, G. B., Second-Lieutenant, R.I. Rifles; Davey, W. H. Second-Lieutenant, Northumberland Fusiliers ; Arnold, J. C. Second-Lieutenant, Northumberland Fusiliers Tyneside Irish).                       

Munster Bar—Hickman, P. H., Captain. R.D.F. ; Cullman, R. H., Lieutenant, 7th Mun­sters; Farran, E. C., Captain, 3rd R.I. Rifles; Maunsell, R. J. Second-Lieutenant, 5th Inniskillings; M’Cormick, H. J., Second-Lieutenant, Leinster Regiment; Moriarty, O. L., Second-Lieutenant, Munsters; Healy, Joseph, Sub-Lieutenant, Naval Brigade; O’Grady, Guillamore, Captain, South Irish Horse; Tierney, H. Second-Lieutenant, Cheshire Regiment; Naish, R. J., Second-Lieutenant, R.F.A. ; Walsh, J., Private, Leinster Regiment.

Connaught Bar—Julian, E. L., Captain, R.D.F. ; Fitzgibbon, Frank, Lieutenant, Munsters; M’Carthy, G., Second-Lieutenant. A.S.C. ; Sherlock, David, Second-Lieutenant, 3rd R.I.


Leinster Bar—White, R. Grove, Lieutenant, 7th R.D.F. ; Moore, Arthur, Second-Lieutenant, 4th London: Thomas, R. W., Sub-Lieutenant, Naval Brigade : O’Connor, Hubert, Second-Lieu­tenant, Shropshire Light Infantry: Forsayeth, G. W.

The following members of the Bar are also serv­ing :—Dickinson, H. E., Captain, Railway Transport; Fitzgibbon, M’C, Musketry Instruc­tor; Gerrard, J. D., Lieutenant, A.S.C. ; Purcell, H. K., Lieutenant, Leinster Regiment; Kettle, T. M., Lieutenant, 7th Leinsters; Place, C. G., Captain, East Surreys; Shaw, R. J. Her­bert, Second-Lieutenant, 5th Connaught Ran­gers; Swifte, E. G. M., Captain, R.A. ; Teeling, T. F., Lieutenant, K.O.S.B. ; Redmond, Wm., M.P., Captain; Redmond, W. A.. M.P., Second-Lieutenant; L. G. Esmonde, Lieutenant-Colonel, 27th Northumberland Fusiliers (Tyneside Irish); Sheehan, D. D., M.P., Second-Lieutenant; Daly, O. B. ; Gill, Roy, Second-Lieutenant, 5th R.L Regiment; John, S. S.. Second-Lieutenant 7th Cheshires; Lane-Joynt, W., 4th R.I. Fusiliers; Lewin, J. H., Second-Lieutenant, 7th R.W. Kent: Mooney, Gerald ; Shaw, J. H. De B., Pri­vate, 7th R.D.F.; Tighe, M’Cartan, Private, Leinster Regiment; Harbinson, W. D., Lieuten­ant, Army Ordnance Department.

It may be added that Mr. R, B. Burgess, son of Mr. H. G. Burgess, Irish representative of the London and North-Western Railway and a mem­ber of the North-East Bar, is at present at the front. He worked in the remount department, Dublin, from the outbreak of war until the end of last year, when he received a commission, and in the short space of six weeks he was promoted to be captain. Second-Lieutenant Arthur Moore, a member of the Leinster Bar, is at present in hospital in France suffering from the effects of shrapnel wounds received during the recent fight­ing at the front.

Belfast News-Letter, March 26, 1915.

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