10th Belfast Troop of Boy Scouts War Memorial Tablet

Representation of the tablet, which was handed over a few days ago [April 1919], by Mrs. M’Mordie (president of the 10th Belfast Troop of Boy Scouts) to Mr. Brock, hon treasurer of the Ulster Hospital for Women and Children, Templemore Avenue, Belfast. The tablet is to remain in the hospital over a cradle, which has been named to the memory of the fallen scouts. The subscriptions were raised by the Boy Scouts and their friends, and of their efforts was so successful that in a short space of time they collector the large amount of over £74. Mr. G. T. M’Fall, secretary of the troops since its formation, has devoted all his available time to the interests of the boys, and during the absence of the scoutmaster, Lieut. H. E. Keown, who is still serving with the forces on the Rhine, Mr. M’Fall has acted in the dual capacity of secretary and scoutmaster. Over 70 of the boys of the 10th Troop have served in the Great War. The names on the tablet are the heroes who have given their lives King and Country;-(1) Second-Lieutenant Brian Boyd, M.M.; (2) Lieutenant H. J. M’Cracken; (3) Lieutenant W. C. Hill, M.C.; (4) Corporal George Paysden, M.M.; (5) , Corporal Thomas Henry; (6), Private James Scott, Royal Marines; (7) , Sergeant Jim Black. The tablet is of enamelled sheet brass and mounted on an ebony base. Engraved at the top is the Scouts crest. The letters are in red and black, and the words as the bottom are- “Peace was won by the men that fell.”

Belfast Telegraph, April 15, 1919.

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