BELFAST Blitz Victims’ Memorial, W.W. 2.

Belfast Blitz Victims’ Memorial.

Form it will take.

The memorial at the graves in the City Cemetery, Belfast, of the unidentified air-raid victims will take the form of a granite plinth surrounding the graves, with yew-tree plantings and a suitably inscribed memorial. The plot will be set out as a lawn.

A decision on the type memorial to be erected at the mass grave in Milltown Cemetery will be taken later by the Corporation Parks and Cemeteries Committee, who at a meeting last week, Alderman J. Collins presiding, agreed to the City Cemetery plan.

Conferences on the proposal have been held between the Lord Bishop of Down (Rt. Rev. Dr. W. S. Kerr), representing the Church of Ireland; Very Rev. Dr. J. B. Woodburn, Presbyterian Church, and Rev. Dr. A. M’Crea, of the Methodist Church, representatives of the Corporation and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Estimated cost of the proposal is £2000. Under the Local Government Acts the Corporation cannot make payments of more than £100 without Government sanction. It is understood this will be forthcoming.

Alderman J. Collins, Committee chairman, presided at Thursday’s meeting.


Belfast Weekly Telegraph, January 30, 1948.

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