Lord Primate Unveils War Memorial.

There was a distinguished assemblage at Armagh Royal School yesterday on the occasion of the annual distribution of prizes and the unveiling of a magnificent oak tablet containing the names of 302 former pupils who served in the great war.  Of these 62 were killed.

After inspecting the guard of honour, which consisted of members of the school Cadet Corps, his Grace the Lord Primate unveiled the tablet.

Afterwards, at the distribution of prizes, the annual report was read by the headmaster, Mr. H. Hirsch, M.A., dealt with the successes achieved by past and present pupils, and stated that the school during the year reached high-water mark in the way of numbers. Like last year, and many years before, they met in troublesome times, and, unfortunately, so far as Ireland was concerned, at a time when it would be foolish to prophesy any betterment in the immediate future; but they carried on as best they could, and although the educational for Northern Ireland which they looked forward to last year had not yet been passed, still they were promised it for the autumn session, and until then would have to possess their souls in patience. So far as the results of last year’s work were con­cerned, they could look back upon it with a good deal of pride and pleasure.    (Applause.)

After distributing the prizes, the Lord Primate said the whole world was in a very restless, un­settled condition, and the danger of a time like that was that people might not settle down quietly to do the work of life. But they must remember that their time at school was a preparation, not so much for exciting events as for steady, patient work at some profession or business in which nothing of real value could be accomplished except by diligence and steady, patient doing of duty. The work of the school term was over and the holi­days lay before them. The holiday season was one for amusement and enjoyment, and if they had worked steadily and well during the school term then they would be able all the more to enjoy the pleasures of the holiday. His Grace concluded by wishing the boys a pleasant vacation. (Applause.)

The proceedings terminated with the singing of the National Anthem.

Belfast News-Letter, July 21, 1922.

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