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The Names of the FALLEN 1914-1918.

Samuel Jas. Allen,

James Best

J. Howard Calvert

Norman Cargin, Lieutenant, South Staff Regiment

Stanley Cargin, Private, Royal Army Medical Corps.

Thomas Costley, Sergeant, Royal Irish Rifles

William J. McMullen, Private, Royal Irish Fusiliers

Frank Neill, Sergeant, Royal Irish Rifles

John Wilkinson, Lance Corporal, Royal Irish Fusiliers

John Wilson, Private, Royal Irish Fusiliers

These also Served.

George Adair,

Robert Allen,

George Allen,

James Archer,

Joseph Archer,

William Best,

Edwin G. B. Calvert,

David Costley,

James Costley,

Arthur Cordner,

Walter Connor,

Isaac Carson,

Isaac Carson,

James Carson,

John Douglas,

Frank Ferguson,

John Ferin,

William John Gracey,

William J. Graham,

Edward Grayson,

Thomas Hamilton,

William John Hylands,

Thomas Hodgins,

John Johnston,

W. H. Guy,

Joseph L. Jones,

William Lindsay,

Fred Lindsay,

Fred Lyness,

Isaac C. Marshall,

Samuel Mulholland,

John Metcalfe,

George McCann,

Thomas McMurran,

Robert McIlwaine,

Joseph Neill,

William John Robinson,

William Jones,

Joshua Robinson,

Henry Stevenson,

Isaac Stewart,

George Somerville,

Robert Somerville,

Thomas Somerville,

William Somerville,

William Toal,

William J. Traynor,

Allen Wilson,

James Wilson,

James Wilson,

William Wells.

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