Sydenham, East Belfast

Sydenham War Memorial  is a ‘new’ memorial situated at the base of a wall mural at the junction of Inverary Drive and Station Road, opposite Sydenham Railway Station.


Sydenham Roll of Honour

To Those Who Gave Their Lives In The Great War

BARNHILL, DAVID, M.M., Lance-Sergeant, 14673 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Son of Mrs. Margaret Barnhill, of 174, Connsbrook Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast.

BEASTALL, JOHN, Lance-Corporal, 14066, Royal Irish Rifles. Son of William and Marian Beastall, of 15, Parkgate Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast.

BODEN, JOHN, Corporal, 70, 4th Queen’s Own Hussars. Son of John Boden, of 13, Brandon Terrace, Park Gate Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast, and the late Agnes Boden; husband of Jane Boden, of 85, Willowfield St., Belfast.

BROWN, JOHN, Captain, M.C., and Bar, Royal Irish Rifles.

DUNWOODY, HUGH HENDERSON, Second Lieutenant, Royal Irish Fusiliers. Youngest son of Robert and Eliza Ann Dunwoody, of 92, Holywood Rd., Strandtown, Belfast.

GARRY, ARTHUR FOLEY, Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 268538, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Nottingham. Son of Charles Septimus Garry and Alicia Garry, of Birkenhead; husband of Mary E. Vitty (formerly Garry), of 89, Park Avenue, Belfast.

GRAY, WILSON, Corporal, S/11651, Seaforth Highlanders. Son of Mrs. Matilda Gray, of 65, Pim's Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast.

GREER, GEORGE, Private, 406539, Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment). Son of Wm. and Elizabeth Greer; husband of Harriet Greer, of 144, Parkgate Avenue, Belfast, Ireland. Native of Belfast.

HART, JOHN, Rifleman, 17842, Royal Irish Rifles. Son of Robert and Sarah Hart, of 17, Kyle St., Sydenham, Belfast.

IRELAND, SAMUEL J., Second Lieutenant, The King’s Liverpool Regiment.

LYNN, ALEXANDER, Private, 16899, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Son of William John and Annie Lynn, of 23, Ferndale St., Belfast.

MANSBRIDGE, RICHARD, Private, 55204, Royal Fusiliers. Son of the late John and Mary Mansbridge, of 54, Tower St., Belfast; husband of Eleanor Mansbridge, of 16, Lisavon St., Sydenham, Belfast.

MAXWELL, EDWARD WALLACE, Carpenter’s Crew, 347388, H.M.S. Formidable. Royal Navy

McCONNELL, ROBERT W., Lieutenant, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment). Son of the late Rev. James McConnell and Annie Duffield McConnell (nee Gibson), of "Ulidia" Holywood Rd., Belfast.

McFERRAN, WILLIAM J., Sapper, 202406, Royal Engineers

McKINSTRY, JAMES, Sergeant, 327, Royal Irish Rifles.

REVEY, WILLIAM, Rifleman, 853, Royal Irish Rifles.

REDMOND, WALTER HENRY, Sergeant, 65813, Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment). Son of John and Sarah Redmond, of 10, Parkgate Avenue, Belfast, Ireland. A clerk in Molson's Bank, Montreal.

RUSSELL, ROBERT, Corporal, 59859, Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment). Son of Mrs. James Chambers (formerly Russell), of Richmond Lodge, Knocknagoney, Strandtown, Belfast, Ireland, and the late Robert Russell.

SANDERSON, HARRY, Private, 466024, Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment). Son of the late William and Mary Jane Sanderson, of 27, Kimona St., Belfast, Ireland.

SHANKS, JOHN, Rifleman, 7775, Royal Irish Rifles. Brother of Mrs. A. Graham, of 11, Hills Avenue, Sydenham, Belfast.

SIMMS, JOHN McK., Private, 10437, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

SILVEY, WILLIAM J., Rifleman, 469, Royal Irish Rifles.

SMILES, WILLIAM A., Captain, Royal Irish Rifles. Son of William Holmes Smiles and Lucy Smiles, of Westbank, Strandtown, Belfast. A Solicitor.

SMILES, SAMUEL, Second Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles. Son of Mrs. Lucy Smiles, of Strandtown, Belfast.

STEWART, WESLEY, Rifleman, 2935, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

UPSTALL, FREDERICK, Stoker 1st Class, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Sandhurst. Son of James C. and Elizabeth Upstall, of 67, Connsbrook Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast.

YARDLEY, THOMAS, Rifleman, 490, Royal Irish Rifles. Son of James and Eleanor M. Yardley, of 21, Kimona St., Sydenham, Belfast.


Additional information obtained from CWGC site.

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