Stranocum, County Antrim
Stranocum July 07 19

Stranocum, County Antrim
Stranocum War Memorial is located on the B147 (Kirk Road) at the western edge of Stranocum village beside a petrol filling station. It is probably the first post-Great War Public War Memorial in Ulster.
It was already constructed by late May 1920 when Ballymoney Rural Council received a letter requesting the Council to accept it into their care.
The description at that time read, “The memorial takes the form of a monumental column of rock faced granite with three panels of polished marble, on the front being inscribed the names of those who gave their lives and on the side panels the names of those who served and survive. Twenty-nine laid down their lives and ninety returned. The monument is surmounted by a lamp, the light from which will be visible for miles around. The whole is surrounded by a granite wall and railings, and shrubs have been planted in the vicinity.’

The inscription is ;-

The Great War
1914 - 1918
Gave Their Lives.
Stranocum and District.

Anderson, S.W.

Bellingham, J.

Buick, S.A.

Campbell, D.

Campbell, R.

Carton, H.

Coils, R.

Hamilton, J.

Hanna, J.

Hill, A.

Holmes, S.

Huey, A.

Huey, J.

Kane, P.

Kennedy, A.

Laverty, W.

McCaughan, G.

McFall, E.

McIllhatton, R.

McNaul, W.

McNeill, L.

Shields, E.

Shields, R.

Stuart, J.

Taggart, A.F.

Taggart, J.

Walker, A.

Wallace, J.

White, W.

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