Strandtown, Belfast

Strandtown, east Belfast
Strandtown War Memorial is located at the junction of the Holywood Road and Belmont Road, at a place known locally as Gelston’s Corner.
This is a memorial to the residents of the district who fell in the great war. It was erected by members of the Strandtown and District Unionist Club and was unveiled at the same time as a new Unionist Hall was officially opened.
The tablet, which has been erected outside the hall, is 10ft. 6in. high and 4ft, 6in. wide. Thetitle of the organisation, “Strandtown and District Unionist Club,” is carved in Portland stone in the form of a ribbon at the top, and surmounts a trophy of the flags of theAllies, with the hand of Ulster in the centre, and the words,

“Truth, Freedom, Liberty.”

In the central portion of the tablet are arranged the names of the fallen in four columns of incised and gilt letters on black polished granite, and underneath is inscribed:

“Pass not this stone in sorrow, but in pride.”
And may you live as nobly as they died.”

Two bronze wreaths are affixed to the plinth.
The capital cost of the building operations was £1,860, the tablet cost £300, and equipment £340, making a total of £2,500.
The names of the fallen are in alphabetical order, initials and surname. There are three exceptions where the Christian names are  given, two females and one male.
The Names of the Fallen.

A. L. Adam

C. Adams

N. Agnew

W. Agnew

W. Ashe

J. Black

J. Beastall

T. Bell

T Bentley

S. Bingham

J. Boden

B. Boyd, M.M.

J. Bowman

J. Brown, M.C.

W. Brown

J. Burns

F. Campbell

Henry Campbell

K.M. Campbell

R. C. Campbell

W. H. Chiplin

H. R. Clarke

R Cochrane

L. Collins

W. Colville

J. Crossan

D Cummings

R. Currie, M.M.

A. D. Deane

J. H. Dickson

R Duffy

H. H. Dunwoody

W. V. Edwards

T. B, Elliott

G. Erskine

S. Farrell

S. Ferris

W. B. Black

S. Ferris

J. L. Galway

R. Gawley

J. Graham

T. M. Greeves

G. Gill

D. Gill

G. Grier

J. F.Harvey

T. Harrison

S. Henderson

V. Hamilton

S. Hynes

G. Houston

S. J. Ireland

E. Johnston, M.C

J. B. Johnston

A. D. Lemon

J. F. J. Lemon

C. Livingstone

G. Livingstone

A. Magee

C. Magill

R. Mainsbridge

Ida Martin

T. Martin

E. W. Maxwell

R. Millar

J. Morrison

N. McBride

W. McCaffrey

J. H. WcClean

G. B. MacColl

H. J. McCracken

W. G. McCaw

W. McCaul

I. C. McCormick

I. C. McCormick

H. McConnoll

W. C. McConnoll

W. MacDermoth

J. McFerran,

W. D. McKee

H. McIlveen

R. McIntyre

C. McMaster, M.C.

J. McMordie

D. McNair

R. Nelson

H. Nelson

W. Nelson

D. H. O’Flaherly

W. Polly

J. Parks

G. Paisley

G. Payson

G. N. Ramage

W. G. Ramshaw

T. Rea

W. Reavy

H. Reddick

W. H. Redmond

W. Reid

R. Rodgers

C. Robinson

T. Shaw

N. Sherman

J. McK. Simms

D. Sherlock

T. Stevenson

S. Smiles

W. A. Smiles

J. Scott

J. A. Stokes

L. H. Stokes

Gertrude Taylor

R. L. Thompson, M.C.

C. Thompson

W. Thompson

H. Totton,

W. H. Usworth

F. J. Upstall

H. Vance

T. Watson

G. W. Well

K. B. Williams

R. C. Williams, M.M.

W. J. Woods

E. Workman, M.C.

T. Hardley.

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