Stewartstown, County Tyrone
Stewartstown 1

Stewartstown, County Tyrone
Stewartstown War Memorial is located in the village Square.
It which is a granite obelisk standing 16 feet (5m) high, and surrounded with a substantial railing, is situated at the top of the Square, and is relieved only by a laurel wreath in black on the shaft, the names of the men being on the panel below in bronze.
Viscount Charlemont, V.L., apologizedfor the absence of Lady Charlemont who was unable to be present to unveil the memorial in her absence, his sister the Hon. Rachel Caulfeild, would perform the ceremony. He explained that the obelisk was only part of the memorial in Stewartstown, as trees will also be planted around the square.
The unveiling ceremony was performed in the presence of 38 ex-service men and a detachment of soldiers from the Military Depot at Omagh.
The original plan had been to build a Memorial Hall similar to nearby Coagh. However by 1924 not enough money had been raised so it was decided to erect this obelisk.

The following made the Supreme Sacrifice.

John Forrest, A.B., R.N

Malachy Hannen, A.B., R.N.

Lt. John Viscount Stuart, R.S.F.

Lt. Eric Wallace Harris, R.G.A.

Lt. Eric Wallace Harris, R.G.A.

Second Lt. Joseph Stewart, R.D.F.

Reg. QM. Sergt. James A. B. Barlowe, R.I.R.

Corpl. Hugh Henry Watters, H.L.I.  

Driver J. Devlin, R.F.A.

Rfm. Francis Carron. R.I.R.

Rfm. R.  Fulton, R.I.R

Rfm. Thomas Leslie, N.Z.E.F.

Pte. David Armstrong, R.I Fus.

Pte. George Bleeks, R.I. Fus.

Pte. John Donaldson, R.I. Fus.

Pte. Edward Mallon, R.I. Fus.

Pte. Patrick Murphy. R.I. Fus.

Pte. J. McAleece, R.I. Fus.

Pte. William McAleece, R.I. Fus.

Pte. H. McReynolds. R.I. Fus.

Pte. John Newell, R.I. Fus.

Pte. Joseph Newell, R.I. Fus.

Pte. John O'Neill, R.I. Fus.

Pte. Peter Quinn, R.I. Fus.

Pte. Wm. Bleeks, Connaught Rangers.

Pte. Samuel Donnelly, R.S.F.         

Pte. Robert Henry Norris, Can. Inf.

Pte. Robert Reid, R. Fus.

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