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Cregagh Athletic Club, Cregagh Road, Belfast.
Malone Golf Club, Belfast.
The North of Ireland Cricket and Football Club, [formerly located on the Ormeau Road], Belfast.
Portstewart, Golf Club War Memorial (County Londonderry )
Ulsterville Harriers, Belfast


CREGAGH ATHLETIC CLUB. Cregagh Road Belfast.

Thirty members had joined the fighting forces, about 50 per cent of the total, and 75 per cent, of the number available for service.
These paid the supreme sacrifice;
C. Ervine, E. Hamilton, W. G. Whitley, R. M’Dowell, J. Lowry, W. M'Keown, J. Mayberry, and F. C. Grant.

These also Served.
P. Ballantine, W. Barr, G. Barr, W. Carmichael, V. Donaldson, A. G. Ervine, John   Gowdy, Joseph Gowdy, A. Gallagher, J. Hamilton, J. Higgins, W. Jeffrey,  G. Mitchell, D. Mitchell, T. M’Dowell,  W. M' Keown, R. M'Connell, H. Noble, J. Nicholl, F. Porter, H. Steenson, R. J. Whitley.

In addition to the numerous decorations awarded, the following distinctions might be added

Two Military Crosses, five Military Medals, and two Meritorious Service Medals.


A roll of honour erected to the memory of the members of Malone Golf Club who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War, and in honour of those who served and returned, was unveiled in the club house on Saturday 4th November 1927, by Right Hon., H. M. Pollock, D.L., M.P., Minister of Finance in the Northern Ireland Government, who is one of the oldest members of the club. There was a large attendance of past and present members. The roll of honour takes the form of an oak tablet, faced with three brass panels, upon which are inscribed the names of ninety-five members, including the names of nineteen members who lost their lives. The tablet is the gift of Mr. Stanley Ferguson, a past president. Mr. J. C. Carson, the present president, presided, and Mr. Ferguson asked Mr. Pollock to present the memorial to the council of the club.

The names on the tablet of members of the club who made the supreme sacrifice are as follows: -
Lieut. T. M. Bennett, M.C.; Ernest G. Boas; Adam C. Capper; Lieut. George W. T. Coates; David B. Corbett; William E. Davey; Arthur V. Green; Percy H. Green; Barry Hill; Lieut.-Commander Ralph Ireland; James G. Marks; John S. Martin; Arthur J. Millar; Arthur G. Mitchell; D. H. O’Flaherty; Charles Seaver; Charles O. Slacke; Alfred S. Taylor, M.B.; and Frederick Williamson.


The North of Ireland Cricket and Football Club, Ormeau Road, Belfast.
A beautiful oak tablet containing the names of two hundred and fifty-three members whom joined the colours, of these fifty-nine gave their lives, eight were awarded the D.S.C., eighteen the M.C., one the Legion of Honour, two the Croix-de-Guerre, and one the Order of the Redeemer.

The tablet bears the inscription:

“A tribute to the 263 members who served in the war, 1914-1918, and in honoured memory of the 59 who gave their lives for their country.”

Then follow the names, and the words:

“They played the game.”

The following made the supreme sacrifice:- J. B. Ardill, Vincent Acheson, G. J. Bruce, T. C. Browne, W. J. Beatty, A. C. Capper, jun., John K. Clarke, N. D. Clarke, D. B. Corbett, J. A. T. Craig, C. V. Darnell, H. O. Davis, R. Davison, T. K. Frost, J. D. Forbes, G. B. Gaffikin, W. H. Gregg, T. M. Greeves, E. H. Hewitt, H. M. Hewitt, W. A. Hewitt, Berry Hill, W. Hamilton, Harold Hardy, T. G. Haughton, Elliott  Johnston, Ivan Johnston, James Barrow Johnston, E. B. Kertland, A. D. Lemon, jun., W. H. Madden, H. C. Magrath, Sidney Todd Martin, Stanley W. Maxwell, W. J. E. Morton, Hon. A. E. S. Mulholland, L. H. W. M’Kisack, J. M. M’Ilwaine, S. J. M’Clinton, Harold M’Ervel, John M’Loughlin, D. H. O’Flaherty, H. V. Parkinson, John Pollock, Jun., V. T. T. Rea, Melbourne Roes, Wason Ross, Samuel Smiles, E. F. Smith,  A. L. Stewart, E. H. Stewart, L. H. Stokes, L. P. St. J. Story, G. Towers, A. M. Turnbull, J. Marcus Tyrrell, H. A. Uprichard, Holt Waring, Edward Workman, G. W. Webb. 

The tablet was unveiled by the Marquis of Londonderry.

A tribute to the members of this club who served in the Second World War 1939 – 1945 and in honoured memory of the 28 who gave their lives for their King and Country.

K. D. Adams, R. Alexander, S. D. Corry, J. G. M. Erskine, D. H. Freeland, S. N. Gray, W. J. Hurst, P. G. L. Jackson, D. Louden, W. T. McCalla, R. H. S. McConnell, J. T. M. McFadden, E. McGonical, F. W. McMurray, G. A. Maginnis, R. H. Martin, T. D. Mayne, R. N. Morgan, W. W. Phillips, H. M. Pollock, D. E. Reay, G. N. Reay, H. D. Robinson, J. F. Smellie, G. L. Steed, J. G. Stewart, S. F. Stewart.


Portstewart, Golf Club War Memorial (County Londonderry )
Roll of Honour
Erected By The Club In Grateful Recognition Of The Following Of Its Members Who Served In The War.

Callaghan, Herbert F. R.; Chance, Arthur, M. D. ;  Clarke, R.M., M.D.; Coltart, William;  Crawford, Theo A. J.
Crawfordm Percy, A. L.;  Greery, Randal L.;  Dudley, Walter L.;  Gaussen, H. A.; Gibson, James; Henderson, T. G.;          Hezlet, Charles O.;  Hill, J. R., M.B. C.H.B.; Hogg, G., M.D.;  Irwin, R. B. W.;  Johnston, J. A.; Knox, R. S.; Lyle, S. J.;     Martin, W. Riddell;  Mitchell, H. B. O.; Munn, Lionel O.; MacAfee, William;  M’Crory, Revd. J.;  M’Farlane, T. D.;     M’Ilwaine, J. C.;  Paton, Revd. J. G.; Sandford, J. H.;   Slack, E. S.; Taylor, D. B.; Willis, Samuel


At the U.V.F. Hospital this afternoon [March 1918] a deputation from the Ulsterville Harrier Club presented a Tablet accompanied by a cheque endowing a bed in memory of their Clubmates who have fallen in the war.

Ulsterville Harriers founded April, 1895.
Memorial Bed in U.V.F. Limbless Hospital

In loving memory of
ALEXANDER JOHN, 2nd Lieutenant, 8th Batt. Leicestershire Regiment, Killed in Action 15th July 1916. (Son of Maria Alexander, of Drumbeg, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim, and the late Thomas Alexander. His brother Robert also fell.)

HARPER JAMES, Private, 10th Royal Irish Rifles. Killed in Action 16th August 1917.

MONTGOMERY FREDERICK, 2nd Lieutenant 6th Batt. King’s Own Scottish Borderers, Killed in Action 19th October 1916. (Son of Frederick Alexander and Jane Montgomery, of 8, Sandhurst Rd., Belfast.)

MOORE ARCHIE, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles. Killed in Action

McCOUBREY JOHN J., Sergeant 14th Royal Irish Rifles, Killed in Action 24th June 1917. (Son of John and Isabella McCoubrey, of 9, Abercorn St. Lisburn Rd., Belfast.)

YEATES ANDREW B., Sergeant, 14th Royal Irish rifles Killed in Action 16th August 1917. (Son of the late Henry and Mary Jane Yeates, of Belfast.)

SCOTT WILLIAM J., Lance Sergeant, 14th Royal Irish Rifles, Killed in Action 1st July 1916. (Husband of Charlotte Scott, of 66, Sunnyside St., Belfast.)

CURLIS ROLAND H., Trooper, 3rd Light Horse Squadron, Australian I.F. Killed in Action 20th May 1915.

WALLACE JAMES, Private, 8th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles. Killed in Action 1st July 1916.

VERESCHURE ANTONIO, Trooper, 239 Company, Squadron C. Belgium Cavalry. Killed in Action 27th July 1917.

Photograph of tablet kindly supplied by Nigel Henderson available.


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