Rathfriland, County Down

Rathfriland, County Down
Rathfriland War Memorial is located in the town’s Square.
The memorial was erected in 1956 in remembrance of the 80 men from the town and district who laid down their lives for the cause of freedom in the two World Wars. The 20ft. high granite clock tower stands in the town’s square.
Major General G. L. Gartlan C.B.E., D.S.O., M.C., D.L., J.P., president of the Local Branch of the British Legion presided. He returned thanks to Major Meade for the site for the Memorial, Major N.F. Gordon (Annalong) for designing and carrying out the work; Major N.E. Mitchell, County Planning Officer; Mr. A. Cust, of the E.B.N.I., and Mr. Caldwell of Messrs. Caldwell for their assistance in the intricate questions which arose over the floodlighting.
Miss Woods unveiled the Memorial and Captain (Rev.) David Lewis (1st West Yorkshire, Regiment, Ballykinlar), dedicated the Memorial to the glory of God and in proud memory of those who gave their lives in the cause of freedom, after which Rathfriland Silver Band led in the singing of the hymn, “O God our help in ages past.
The names of the Fallen are inscribed on two tablets, one on each side of the Memorial. The inscription reads:

1914 – 1918

Bailie. A.W.

Battersby, F.

Bennett, J.

Brown, J.

Brown, W.

Burgoyne, J.

Burns, S.

Carr, J.

Carswell, J.

Clydesdale, D.

Cohrane, J.

Copes, T.

Cromie, S.

Cromie, T.J.

Cunningham, H.

Dalzell, R.

Dalzell, W.

Davis, C.A.

Davison, J.

Downey, A.J.

Downey, S.

Elliott, W.H.

Ellison, J.

Foster, N.

Geddis, S.

Gibson, R.

Gilmour, F.

Greer, J.

Haire, D.

Hartley, J.S.

Henning, M.

Johnston, J.

Knox, J.

Ledlie, J.O.

Linton, J.C.

Lively, J.

Meade, R.P.

Moffett, A.

Moore, E.

Morrow, W.

Murphy, W.

McCallister, Jas.

McCallister, Jos.

McCallister, W.J.

McGuiness. A.

McGuiness. J.

McKnight, D.

McKnight, W.

Newell, J.

Patterson, D.

Rowan, J.

Rowan, J.

Rowan, S.

Scott, John

Scott, Jos.

Scott, S.

Scott, W.J.

Skelly, J.

Small, W.C.

Stranaghan, R.

Trainor, P.A.

Veage, C.

Walker, W.

Walsh, R.

Watt, R.

Weir, J.

Weir, Jos.

Wilson, D.

Wilson, Jas.

Wilson, John

Woods, W.

Wright, D.

Young. W.J.

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