Portrush, County Antrim
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Portrush, County Antrim
Portrush War Memorial is located on the Town Hall Green at the junction of Eglinton Street and Kerr Street.
The statue, which is a figure of Victory with sword in one hand and a palm branch in the other, is mounted on a pedestal of Irish granite at a cost of £1,300. The entire monument is 17 feet 5 inches (5.9m) in height, the height of the figure itself being 7 feet 6 inches (2.25m). On the front of the pedestal is a bronze tablet, with an engraving representing a sea scene with battleships in the foreground.
The inscription on the tablet is –

 “To the brave men of this district who responded to duty’s call and helped to win the great war,

and on the base –

“The names inscribed hereon are of those from this town and district who at the call of King and Country left all that was dear to them, endured hardship, faced danger, and finally passed out of the sight of men by the path of duty and self-sacrifice, giving up their own lives that others might live in freedom.”

On the other three sides of the memorial are engraved the names of the fallen. On the right and left of the cap stone are the inscriptions:

“Their name liveth for evermore” and “Death is swallowed up in victory.”

The monument was erected on the Town Hall green Portrush at the junction of Eglinton Street and Kerr Street.
Out of a population of 3,000 Portrush and district contributed 300 to the Empire’s forces during the war. The death roll was very heavy; seventy-five did not return.

The Names of the Fallen.Portrush,

Hazlett Samuel Allison

Bernard Stuart Anderson

William James Bacon

John Bacon

William John M’Clelland Cameron

George Christy

Alexander Clarke

Alex. Campbell Coburn

James Conner

John Conner

Norman Davison

Joseph Diamond

Joseph Diamond, jun.

William James Eason

Jesse Edgar

William Elkin

William Fall

John Foreman, jun.

William James Frazer

David Simpson Gilfillan

William Govan

Hugh Benjamin Haslam

Daniel Henry

Joseph Henry

James Hopkins

James Hunter

Thomas Irwin

John Kane

James Kane

William Law

Henry Robert Leech

Samuel James Macfarlane

Andrew M’Millan, jun.

William Jubilee Maxwell

John Herbert Wilson Millar

Joseph Miller

Robert John Morrow

David Waldo Mullan

Charles Stevenson Murray

Matthew Murray

Samuel M’Caw

Edward Alexander M’Clatchie

Archibald M’Farlane

Robert M’Fetridge

Henry M’Cormick

John M’Gowan

James M’Grattan

John M’Grattan

John M’llree, jun.

James M’Mullan

James M’Mullan

James M’Mullan

John Campbell M’Mullan

Andrew M’Neill

George M’Neill

Samuel Nicholl

John North

Robert Forsythe Pepper

Edward Leo Phair

Henry Jeffrey Robinson Quigley.

James George Rankin

John Edward Riddell

Samuel Ross, jun.

Jack Russell

David Sinclair

Thomas Smith

Frederick Robert Smyth

John Charles Martin Smyth

Samuel Smyth

John Stewart

Charles Maitland Stuart

William Thorpe

John Tosh

Hugo Burr Craig Watt

Joseph Alex. Watt

For details on individual men read ‘Portrush Heroes 1914 -1918’, by Robert Thompson  ISBN 0 95375831-1

Portrush 1939 – 1945

The Fallen
John Beckett
James H. Bell
Thomas McCord Campbell
William A. Campbell
Terence C. Clarke
Thomas J. Davy
John Dinsmore
Alexander J. Donaghy
John J. Faulkener
Edgar Glendinning
James H. Heale
Thomas Johnston
Arthur G. Johnston
William Kane
John D. Law
Charles M. Lester
Stuart J. Lovell
Anthony D. Lovell
John G. C. Lyle
George McCandless
James McCandless
Charles H. McConaghy
John McCrory
William McCrory
George McMurray
Thomas McShannock
George B. Shearer
John Walker
Cecil R. Weir

Attached to the railing surrounding the memorial is a memorial

17TH DECEMBER 1943 - 11TH MARCH 1944


Portrush WM 3

Kelly Memorials Schools, Portrush.
A handsome war memorial tablet bearing the names of 156 former pupils of the Kelly Memorial Schools was unveiled at Portrush yesterday by the Right Rev. A. E. Ross, D.D.,  M.C., Bishop of Tuam. There was an influential attendance of parents, including a large representation of the parents and friends of the pupils. Captain F. H. Watt. J.P., Co.C., presided.
Captain S. J. Lyle, M.C., J.P., read the names on the roll of honour, including the following list of those who had made the great sacrifice;—John Bacon, William J. Bacon, James Connor, Alexander Clarke, Alexander C. Coburn, George Christie, Joseph Diamond, senior; Joseph Diamond, junior: William Eason, William Govan, Daniel Henry, James Hopkins, James Kane, John Kane, Henry R. Leech, Joseph Miller, Robert J. Morrow, Samuel Macaw, Edward A. M'Clatchie, Archibald M'Farlane, Robert H'Fetridge, Edward L. Phair, John Russell, John E. Riddell, Samuel Ross, John Smyth, David Sinclair, and John Tosh.
The Bishop afterwards unveiled the memorial. Bugler R. Platt, Coleraine, sounded the Last Post, and Rev. W. Wallace, curate, led in prayer.


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