Newcastle, County Down
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Newcastle, County Down
Newcastle War Memorial is located in Main Street outside the Annesley Buildings which house the local Tourist Information Centre.
This memorial doesn’t appear to have had an official ceremony of dedication and/or unveiling.
In common with most towns, after the war a ‘War Trophy’ (in this case a German artillery piece) had been allocated to Newcastle. In late 1924 a deputation of the British Legion met with Newcastle Urban District Council to discuss the raising of a war memorial and the condition of the War Trophy. By this time many War Trophies had been allowed to deteriorate. In Newtownards, County Down for example it was described as, ‘ The ‘the old gun, or “scrap heap,” as some person properly dubbed it, still hides its head behind the walls of the butter market, about the only place fit for its reception.’
In late 1924 a meeting was held between Newcastle Urban District Council and representatives of the local British Legion to discuss the raising of a war memorial and the condition of the War Trophy at the Blackrock, a rocky outcrop at the southern end of the town. The following year a design of a lion, which had been prepared by Lady Mabel Annesley of Castlewellan and a site, was approved. Lady Annesley also generously promised to be responsible for the cost of the sculpturing by Frank Wiles. The memorial was erected in 1927.
In 1928 the Council decided to accept conveyance of the site and the custody and maintenance of the War Memorial.
After the 2nd World War the Memorial was moved to its present location outside the Tourist information Office.
The inscription reads; -


Annesley F., Earl Sub-Lieutenant R.N.A.S.

Burns F.,

Cooper H., 10th Royal Irish Rifles

Digges La Touche A., Lieutenant Royal Irish Rifles

Digges La Touche E., 2nd Lieutenant Australian Infantry

Ewing D., Major Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

Geddis J., Sergeant 13th Royal Irish Rifles.

Greer J., Rifleman 2nd Royal Irish Rifles

Knox J.V., Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps.

Law V., Corporal 13th Royal Irish Rifles

Malcolmson A.,

Matthews G.W.,

McMullan J.A.,

Murphy D.,

Murray W.P.,

Neill G.,

Orr R.,

Paxton S.T.,

Skillen G.,

Skillen S., Rifleman 13th Royal Irish Rifles

Slacke C.O., Captain Royal Irish Rifles

Slacke C.R., Major The Buffs (Royal Irish Rifles)

Smith D.I.,

Stevens J.R.,

Wilson T.,

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