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1914 - 1919


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========================================================================================= LODGE  7.  BELFAST.
The Fallen
Lemon, Archie Dunlap Lieut., Royal Irish Rifles.
CWGC information;- Lemon, Archie Dunlap Lieut., Royal Irish Rifles. K.I.A. on 01/07/1916. Son of the late A. D. Lemon, J.P., and Mrs. Lemon, of Edgcumbe House, Strandtown, Belfast. Commemorated on Strandtown War Memorial, Belfast.
Tate, Charles Bernard, Captain, Royal Irish Rifles.
CWGC information;- Tate, Charles Bernard, Captain, Royal Irish Rifles. K.I.A. on 01/07/1916. Son of the late John Tate, of Rantalard, Belfast.
These Served
Bell, Nicholas G., Captain, Indian Army.
Brown, George B., Sub. Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.
Brown, Herbert, Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.
Cunningham, H. H. B., Lieut-Colonel, Royal Army Medical Corps.
Hill, Rowland, Capt., Royal Army Medical Corps.
Lemon, John W., Lieutenant,
Nelson, M. K, Lieutenant, Royal Army Medical Corps.
Patterson, Edward F. Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.
Rogers, A. Leslie, Major, Royal Field Artillery.
Stephens, John K., Captain, Royal Engineers.
Wilson, James O., Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery.
The Fallen.
Bruce, George James, D S O, M C and Bar, Major, Royal Irish Rifles.
CWGC information;- Bruce, George James. Captain, Royal Irish Rifles Secondary Unit Text: serving as Bde Major 109th Inf. Bde. 36th (Ulster) Div., late 13th Bn. Age: 37 Date of Death: 02/10/1918 Awards: D S O, M C and Bar Additional information: Son of Samuel and Julia Bruce, of Norton Hall, Campden, Glos.; husband of Hilda Bruce, of Corriewood, Castlewellan, Co. Down.
Combe, Samuel B., Captain, Royal Irish Rifles.
CWGC information;- none
Ewart, Cecil F. K., Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles.
The only Ewart, C.F.K. listed on CWGC site is Ewart, Cecil Frederick Kelso, Captain, Royal Irish Rifles Unit. K.I.A. Date of Death: 01/07/1916. Son of Frederick William and Maryanne Elizabeth Ewart, of Derryvolgie, Lisburn, Co. Antrim.
Lyons, William Holmes St. John, Lieutenant, Middlesex Regiment.
CWGC information Lyons, William Holmes St. John. Lieutenant, Middlesex Regiment. Date of Death: 01/11/1918. Son of the late The Right Hon. W. H. H. Lyons, D.L., and of Lily Lyons, of Newlands, Deramore Park, Belfast Born at Belfast. Buried in Knockbreda Church Of Ireland Churchyard, Belfast.
Slacke, Charles O., Captain, Royal Irish Rifles.
CWGC Information Rank;- Slacke, Charles Owen, Captain, Royal Irish Rifles, 14th Bn. Date of Death: 01/07/1916. Age: 44. Cemetery: CONNAUGHT CEMETERY, THIEPVAL. Son of Sir Owen Randal Slacke; husband of Catherine Anne Slacke (nee Lanyon). Volunteered with the Ulster Division on the outbreak of War.

These Served.
Berry, Robert, G. J., Colonel, Royal Army Service Corps.
Blakiston-Houston, James K., Captain, Hussars.
Blakiston-Houston, John D., Major, Hussars.
Charley, Arthur F., Captain, Royal Irish Rifles.
Charley, Harold R., Colonel, Royal Irish Rifles.
Chichester, R. D. P., Lt.-Col. Irish Guards & Royal Irish Rifles.
Crawford, Robert S., Brevet Lt-Col Royal Irish Rifles.
Dixon, Daniel, Major, Royal Irish Rifles.
Dobbs, Arthur F., Royal Garrison Artillery.
Duffin, Saml, B., L Of H., Captain Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Duffin, Chas. G., M.C., Major, Royal Field Artillery.
Duffin John T.. M.C.,Major, Royal Irish Rifles & Staff.
Eastwood, W.,Major, Royal Irish Rifles.
Ewart, G. V., O.B.E., Major, Royal Army Service Corps.
Grimshaw, A. R. N., Lieutenant, Royal Navy.
Hall, Frank, Lt.-Colonel, Staff, Warrant Officer.
Johns, Tyndal S., Captain, Royal Irish Rifles.
Knox, Samuel W., Captain, Royal Irish Rifles.
McCready, Wyclif, Captain, Royal Army Service Corps.
Noble, R. S. H., Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles.
Shaftesbury. Lord, K.P., K.C.V .O., Brig.-General
Sparrow, Jos. J. K., M.C., Major, Royal Engineers.
Stanley, R., L., Of H., Major, Royal Engineers.
Young, Hytton W., Captain, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
The Fallen
Welby, John A.,
CWGC information;- WELBY, JOHN ARTHUR, Captain, Worcestershire Regiment, 11th Bn. Age: 44 Date of Death: 17/03/1917. Son of John and Mary Welby, of Southsea; husband of Olivia Florence J. Welby, of 38, Knutsford Drive, Cliftonville, Belfast. Served in the South African Campaign
These Served
Adgey, Thomas, Private, Royal Engineers
Campbell, James, Lieutenant
Cooper, Ralph C, Lieutenant, Royal Navy
Dawson, George L., Lieutenant,
Dawson, Isaac, Royal Canadians
Horsman, Frederick W., Lieutenant, M.F.P.
Jordan, William, Staff Q.M.S. Royal Irish Fusiliers.
McConnell, Robert B., Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles
McConnell, Samuel B., Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles
Russell, Thomas, Q.M.S. Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Smith, Frank E., Sergeant
Waring, Samuel, (Junior), Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles
The Fallen
Allan, Ernest, E.R.A., Royal Navy
CWGC. Information;- ALLAN, ERNEST, Engine Room Artificer 4th Class Regiment/Service: Royal Navy, H.M.S. "Mignonette." Age: 25 Date of Death: 17/03/1917 Service No: M/18490 Additional information: Son of Henry and Rebecca Allan, of 154, Chorley New Rd., Horwich, Bolton, Lancs.
These also Served
Cathcart, W., Corporal, Royal Engineers.
Cunniffe, James, Sapper, Royal Engineers.
Henry, Robert, Private, Royal Irish Rifles
McBride, Samuel, E.R.A., Royal Navy Reserve
The Fallen
Motherwell, John E., Captain, Royal Irish Rifles,
CWGC information;- MOTHERWELL, JOHN ERNEST, Captain, Royal Irish Rifles Unit Text: 3rd Bn. Secondary Regiment: The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment Secondary Unit Text: attd. 9th Bn. Age: 29 Date of Death: 21/10/1916. Son of David and Catherine Motherwell, of 7, Somerset Terrace, Belfast.
These Served
Allen, Herbert, Private, A. C. Sect
McBratney, Robert, Second Lieutenant, M.S.A.
McNaught, James G., Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles, Mentioned in Dispatches
Motherwell, David, Captain, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Motherwell, James, Q.M.S., Royal Irish Rifles,
Reay, Norman, Lieutenant, Machine Gun Corps.

These Served
Bell, Andrew T., Second Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles
Broderick, Howard B., Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve
Browning, James C., Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve.
Gilbert, John Barry, Captain, West African Force.
Hall, B. H. A., Private, Royal Army Service Corps
Imrie, William C., Private, Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Stableford, Alfred, Private, Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Tamplin, R. J. A., D.S.O., C.R., Major.
The Fallen
Humphrey, Vincent E., Lieutenant, Royal Army Service Corps.
CWGC information;- HUMPHREY, VINCENT ERNEST, Regiment/Service: Army Service Corps (Canteens) Age: 32 Date of Death: 26/10/1918. Husband of Mabel G. Humphrey, of Holly Villa, Winston Gardens, Knock, Co. Down
Jamison James C., Captain, Royal Irish Rifles
CWGC information;- JAMISON, JAMES CLAWSON, Captain, Royal Irish Rifles, 10th Bn. Age: 32 Date of Death: 22/11/1917. Son of Alexander and Elizabeth Jamison, of "Florenceville," Ormeau Rd., Belfast; husband of Edith M. Jamison, of 177, Lisburn Rd., Belfast
Nixon, William, Capt., Tyneside Irish
CWGC information;- NIXON, WILLIAM, Captain, Northumberland Fusiliers, 20th (Tyneside Scottish) Bn. Age: 32 Date of Death: 01/07/1916. Son of John and Jane Nixon.
These Served
Dalzell, John S., Lieutenant, Royal Engineers
Downing, William M., Captain, Royal Irish Rifles
Lyttle, George G., Captain, Royal Army Medical Corps.
McDowell, Thomas, Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve
Malone John G., Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles
Patterson, Charles D., Paymaster Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve
The Fallen
McErvel, Harold, Major, Liverpool Regiment.
Workington, Charles E., Capt., Royal Irish Rifles
These also Served
Hill, Charles A., Lieutenant, Canadians.
Lowe, Thomas A., D.S.O., Lieutenant-Colonel, Royal Irish Regiment.
McMullan, Robert W., Lieutenant, N.F.
Moore, David B., Capt., Royal Irish Rifles
Morrow, John S., Captain, Royal Army Medical Corps.
Pollock, Hugo McD., Captain, Royal Field Artillery.
Rankin, Will, Lieutenant, Officer Training Corps. 
Workington, Chas. E., Captain, Royal Irish Rifles
Workington, D. B, (Junior), M.C., Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles
The Fallen
Brown, Thomas C, Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles
These also Served
Anderson, Andrew N., Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles
Barclay, G. L. De R., Captain, Royal Irish Rifles
Bates, John, Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery.
Coates, Foster, Captain, Royal Army Medical Corps.
Crothers, John S., Major, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Elliott, John H., Captain, A.P.D.
Finlay, Arth. R. G., Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles
Hoare, Edward J., Captain, Royal Irish Rifles
Johnstone, Jasper B., Major, Royal Army Service Corps.
McCammond, W. E. C., Colonel, Royal Irish Rifles
Purdon, William B., D.S.O., M,C., Lt.-Colonel, Royal Army Medical Corps.
The Fallen
Malone, William A., Second Lieutenant, Cheshire Regiment.
These Served
Cotter, Alfred, C.Q.M.S., Royal Engineers.
Cowzer. Richard, J., M.C., Major, Royal Army Service Corps. Mentioned in Dispatches.
Edmenson, W. A., Captain, Royal Field Artillery. Mentioned in Dispatches.
Hunter, Victor, Lieutenant, Royal Irish Regiment.
Hunter, William, Captain, Royal Army Service Corps. Mentioned in Dispatches.
These Served.
Dobbin, James, Mechanic, Royal Air Force.
Henry, Charles, C.S.M., Royal Irish Rifles
McCleery. William J. D.S.M., Chief E.R.A., Royal Naval Reserve
Wilson, Henry, Private, Royal Engineers.
These Served
Chidgey, Henry A., F., F. Staff-Sergeant, Royal Army Service Corps.
Farthing, William, Sergt. M., Royal Army Service Corps.
Greer, Samuel, C.S.M., North Irish Horse.
Kinch, Charles H., C.Q.M.S., Royal Irish Rifles
Lyttle, Gilbert, Captain, Royal Field Artillery.
Maguire, Thomas, Sergeant, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
Nicholl, Joseph D., Captain, Royal Irish Rifles.
Pittaway, John E., Captain, North Irish Horse.
Sewell, W. A., R.Q.M.S., North Irish Horse.
Shaw, Charles E., Sergeant-Major, Royal Army Service Corps.
Walters, John R., Sergeant, Royal Army Service Corps.
The Fallen.
Rea, Robert M., C.S.M., Grenadier Guards.
These Served.
Calvert, Charles, Commander, Royal Naval Reserve.
Carson, David A., Captain, Royal Irish Rifles.
Cherry, William A., Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve.
Cromie, William, Lieutenant, Royal Army Service Corps.
Fasham, James G. L., Lieutenant, Royal Air Force.
Ferguson, James, Major, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Gibson, Tom J., Lieut, Royal Army Service Corps.
Lee, Wilfred G. L., Corporal, Royal Irish Rifles.
M’Kibbin, Alan J., Sergeant, Royal Engineers.
Mitchell, Andrew C., Sergeant, North Irish Horse.
Mulholland, A., M.C., Lieutenant-Colonel, Royal Irish Rifles.
Waddell, Charles, Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles.
Waugh, William, (Junior), Captain, Royal Army Medical Corps.
The Fallen.
Blain, Charles V., Captain, Cheshire Regiment.
These Served.
Fulton, Thomas, Private, Royal Air Force.
Gregg, Robert, Sergeant, Royal Irish Rifles.
Shaw, Robert, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
Wormington, W. T., Captain, Cheshire Regiment.
These Served.
Bleakley, William J., Sergeant, Royal Irish Rifles
Bleakley, Robert, J., Sergeant-Major, North Irish Horse.
Burrows, William, Private, Royal Irish Rifles
Collins, Joseph, Sergeant-Major, Royal Irish Rifles
Dawson, James, Sergeant, Irish Guards..
Hopgood, Charles, Sergeant-Major, R.C.B.
Lomas, James, Sergeant-Major, Royal Irish Rifles
Purdy, John C, Eng. Sub-Lieutenant Royal Navy.
Weir, Frank, Eng., Royal Naval Reserve.
Woods, Thomas, Private, Royal Irish Rifles

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