Larne, County Antrim

Larne, County Antrim
Larne War Memorial is now located in a small park at the junction of Inver Road and Church Road, adjacent to Saint Cedma’s Parish Church.
In 1920 a public meeting was called, at which a War Memorial Committee was appointed, and the project was discussed. Eventually the Committee unanimously decided on a three-fold scheme:- (1) A monument in eternal memory of their noble dead; (2) a club and grounds for the Comrades of the Great War; and (3) playgrounds for the children in various parts of the town. Following that decision, canvassers set to work and the handsome sum of £4,600 was subscribed. The committee was fortunate in being able to purchase Inver House and grounds, the former residence of the Barklie family. Unfortunately the development of the children’s’ playgrounds had not been achieved by the time of the unveiling.
‘The monument is another striking example of the genius of Mr. F. W. Pomeroy, R.A. It is sacred to the memory of 147 of the bravest of the manhood of the town who of their own freewill gave themselves to fight for their King and country and subsequently gave their lives and to those hundreds of others who served and returned.
The memorial which is of a simple, dignified character, consists of a Portland stone cenotaph sixteen feet (5m) high, with panels on which the names of the 147 fallen are inscribed.  There is a cornice carved of lions’ heads and wreaths, and a pedestal of stone with the life-sized figures of a sailor and soldier in bronze.  Below this pedestal is the inscription.
On the day of the unveiling a general holiday was observed in the town, and thousands of people attended the ceremonies. At noon the war memorial was dedicated and unveiled. Later in the afternoon Inver House, the former residence of the Barklie family, which has been acquired as part of the memorial scheme, was formally handed over by the War Memorials’ Committee to the local branch of the British Legion.  This fine old mansion stands in beautifully wooded grounds near to the parish church, and when properly furnished and equipped will provide a splendid club and recreation centre for the ex-service men of the town and district. There is ample accommodation for all club purposes, and in addition a first-rate football ground has been laid out.
The names inscribed on the Memorial are those of sailors and soldiers who were natives, lived in, or left from Larne Urban District.’ 
The War Memorial was originally situated in the town at the junction of Clonlee/Glenarm Road and Main Street after the Wiles Fountain was removed. It now rests in the garden in front of St Cedma’s Church, Larne.
The inscription is ;-

“In grateful memory of the men from Larne who fell in the Great War, 1914 – 1918. 
Their name live for evermore”

Adams, Robert McFerran

Agnew, Andrew

Agnew, Charles

Agnew, Myles

Aicken, James

Aicken, John

Allen, Kennedy, C.

Bailie, James;

Barr, Hugh

Baxter, Samuel

Bell, Alexander;

Bell, Charles

Bell, James

Bell, Samuel

Bell, Samuel

Samuel Brennan, Bryce

Caldwell, Thomas

Campbell, Samuel McD.

Campbell, Wesley

Campbell, William

Campbell, William J.

Carson, Herbert W.

Carson James A.

Clarke, Edmund

Claxton, Charles

Clements, Houston

Cooke, Thomas

Craig, David

Crawford, Samuel

Crawley, Richard

Dale, James

Dowling, Henry

Dunwoody, Hugh H

Fergie, James

Ferguson, Thomas

Fleck, Robert

Foster, John;

Fulton James

Gault, Arthur A

Gardiner, George

Gawn, John

Gettinby, Thomas

Gingles, John

Gourley, Thomas

Graham, Martin

Gribben, Francis

Gribben, Robert

Griffiths, John;

Hanna, James

Harvey, John

Harbinson, James

Hassan, Thomas

Haveron, James

Hayes, James

Haveron, Douglas

Heggarty, Thomas J.A

Higgins, Willaim

Hill, John;

Hopkins, William Dalton

Huey, William Wallace

Huxley, James Alexander

Humphreys, Patrick

Humphreys, William Henry

Hutchinson, Thomas

Hylands, Frank

Hylands, John

Ireland, George

Jamieson, Samuel

Jenks, John E.

Johnston, Archd. Mason;

Kearns, William

Kydd, Chester

Kirkpatrick, William

Kirkpatrick, William J.

Lennon, James

Logan, Joseph

Mackey, Samuel Ross

Magill, Herbert T.F.

Magill, John

Magill Robert John

Magill, Spencer

Magill, William Arthur

Manson, James

Meharg, Robert J.

Mellin, Samuel

Melville, Alexander

Millar, Samuel

Mitchell, Alex. Scott

Montgomery, Hugh

Moore, William

Murray, William John

McAdorey, Henry

McAllister, John;

McAllister, Michael

McAteer, James K.

McClean, R.

McClellan, Allan;

McCluggage, William

McClure, Hugh

McCord William

McCormack, Dennis

McDowell, Robert

McDowell, William

McElroy, William

McFadden Andrew

McFadden, Samuel

McFall, Robert

McGuire, Patrick

McManus, James

McMillan, Alex.

McMullan, James

McMullan, Robert

McNally, Arthur

McNally, Charles

McNeill, Alexander

McPherson, David;

McRoberts, Daniel

Nelson, Andrew

Nelson, David A.

Nelson, Samuel

Norrell, Charles

Noble, George

Noble, James

Porter, James

Pullin, Robert James

Purdy, William

Ramsey, Robert John

Rea, James

Regan, William

Reid, Joseph;

Robinson, Robert;

Robinson, Samuel

Robinson, Thomas

Robinson, William;

Rocke, W.J.

Savage, Tom

Shannon, William

Simms, David S.

Simpson, James

Sittlington, Samuel

Sloan, Fisher

Steele, James;

Sutherland, George

Torbit, William.

Walker, James

Weir, Matthew

Weir, William James

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