Hilden, County Antrim

Hilden, County Antrim
Hilden War Memorial is located just off the A1 (Belfast Road) at the junction of Low Road and Mill Street, Hilden close to the railway bridge.
When the 36th and 16th Divisions started out on their way to the front, the women of Hilden, Glenmore, and Lambeg, formed a guild with the object of collecting funds and sending out parcels and comforts to the men at the front. Collections were made and entertainments given to raise funds wherewith to provide materials that could be worked up into comforts for the troops, and to obtain suitable presents for enclosure in the parcels.  These were then made up and sent out regularly to the front, every possible care being exercised to try and keep in touch with the men individually, and supply them with parcels.  The good work was kept up onto the end of the war, when, after meeting all expenses, the guild had on hand out of the fund which they had raised, the sum of £60 1s 3d
When the need for sending parcels to the front ceased the thought of the guild turned to the memory of those who had given their lives in the great war, and they decided that they would like to see their memory perpetuated by the provision of bronze plaques with the names thereon, which might be placed in some suitable place in the locality.
The memorial erected at Hilden is to perpetuate the names of the men of Hilden, Glenmore, and Lambeg, who fell in the war. It is in the form of a hexagon, with semi-circular top, and is of Portland stone, built in ashlar. On three sides it is supported by buttresses, with moulded caps and bases, the alternate sides forming recessed panels on which are placed the names of the fallen on handsome bronze plaques, with raised lettering, the inscription being placed round the top. The monument is 13 feet 6 inches in height from the ground, and is placed on a pedestal formed by two hexagonal steps. There are in all 117 names on the memorial, all of whom had been employed in the three districts.
The inscription on the memorial is ; -

“Erected in abiding and  grateful memory of the men from Hilden, Glenmore, and Lambeg,
who gave their lives
in defence of Empire, Home, and Liberty in the Great War, 

May the undying memory of their devotion be to all who read the names an inspiration
to serve their country, promote its welfare, and give thought for peace and happiness.”
The Names of the Fallen.

Walter Baker

Henry Parker Beggs

Samuel Bleakley

James Bowers

David Boyd

Henry Boyd

Edmond Brown

James Brown

John Brown

Samuel Brown

Frederick George Burke

Percy Burke

John Campbell

Alfred Clarke

John Clay

Thomas Clay

George Cleland

James Coburn

George Connor

Edward Corrigan

Robert Costello

Joseph Cowan

John Curry

Robert Dennison

Samuel Donegan

Thomas Dougan

Charles Dowds

Hill Dugan

Cecil E. Ewart

William B. Ewart

John Fenton

Joseph Ferris

James Fitzsimons

John Gibson

William Gibson

William Gill

Albert Griffen

Charles Hamilton

Alexander Hanna

John Hillis

William Hillocks

Jas. Holmes

John Hughes

George Hull

Robert Hull

James Irvine

Samuel Irvine

William Irvine

David Williamson Johnston

George Johnston

Campbell Kennedy

George Kidd

Edward Lewis

Joseph Lindsay

Richardson Long

John Lundy

Benjamin Lynass

Matthew Lynass

John Magivern

Patrick Maguiness

David Martin

James Edward Martin

Wm. Matthews

Samuel Millar

Thomas Mines

Robert Morrow

T. J. C. Murdock

Thomas Murphy

Robert McCabe

Archibald McCaugherty

James McCallister

James H. McCann

Thomas McCann

Samuel McCaugherty

Thos. McClure

John Patrick McComiskey

James McDowell

John McGurk

William McKeown

John McMillan

John McNair

Thomas C. McShane

Francis Nagle

James Neill

William Neice

William Patterson

John Pelan

Wm. Pews

Robert Porter

Henry Rainey

John Reddock

Francis Sewell

James Skelly

W. J. Skelly

William Skelly

William Spratt

Jas. Stevenson

Bryce Stewart

Peter Mitchell Stewart

David Tate

William H. Thompson

Frank Todd

Edward Toole

Samuel Topping

Charles Treanor

James Treanor

George Turner

George Walker

David Walsh

Thos. Walsh

Joseph D. Webb

Thomas Weir

Alexander Welsh

John Whittle

Robert J. Wills

Samuel Wills

James Woods

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