Glynn, County Antrim
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Glynn, County Antrim
Glynn War Memorial is located on the open space in the centre of Glynn village, at the junction of Main Road (A2) and  Glenburn Road. The memorial is a very handsome obelisk, designed and  erected by Mr. T. Hastings, of Downpatrick, County Down. The side facing the main Belfast-Larne road bears the arresting inscription-

“All ye who pass by remember with gratitude the men of Glynn, Maghermorne, and Raloo, who fell in the Great War.”

Other sides of the memorial bear the names of the twenty-six men from the district who made the supreme sacrifice.

Robert Bodles, A.B., S.S. Argus.

John B. Boyd, Private, 61st Canadians.

William Brown, A.B., S.S. Pomeranian.

John Burns, Rifleman, 12th R.I.R.

James McN. Carmichael, Pte. 2nd Canadian Infantry.

William Carmichael, Private, 10th Canadian M.G.C.

James Clements, captain, S.S. Gower Coast.

James Crawford, Private, Australian E.F.

James Ferguson, carpenter, S.S. Bray Head.

Martin Graham, Rifleman, 12th R.I.R.

John Hill, Batt. Signaller, 12th R.I.R.

John Hunter, Rifleman, 12th R.I.R.

Charles McG. Johnston.

Randall W. McD. Johnston, Midshipman, Royal Navy

William James Kirkcaldy, Private,  R.A.M.C.

William McCluggage, Lieut. 12th R.I.R.

William H. McCluggage, Rifleman, 12th R.I.R.

James McConnell, A.B., S.S. Argus.

James McKee, Rifleman, 12th R.I.R.

Robert Moore, Private, H.L.I.

Samuel Moore, Private, Canadian E.F.

John O’Neill, Rifleman, 12th R.I.R.

Herbert Pike, Rifleman, 3rd R.I.R.

John H. Shaw, Q.M.S. Canadian E.F.

William Jas. Woods, Private, 10th H.L.I.

James Wright, Private, Irish Guards.

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