Garvagh, County Londonderry

Garvagh, County Londonderry
Garvagh War Memorial is located on Main Street (B70 road) beside the entrance to the museum. It is a clock tower 40 feet (12.5m) in height. There are three black granite tablets on the sides. The eastern tablet being the 32 names of the officers and men who made the supreme sacrifice. On the tablets on the north and south sides are inscribed the names of the 139 and seven nurses, who served, a total of 178. The clock has four dials each three feet in diameter, which are illuminated at night by electric light. It has two bells which strike the hour.
Over £3000 was subscribed in Garvagh district for prisoners of war, ambulance, parcels and comfort for officers, and men, Red Cross, etc. Out of this sum the memorial cost nearly £1000.
Although there were Reverent Gentlemen on the Platform there is no mention of a Prayer of Dedication being offered.


Black H.C.

Bradley J.

Bradley P.

Caldwell, W.

Caskey M.

Collins R.

Dale T.

Dempsey J.

Faith J.

Gavin R. F. (Capt.)

Hazlett J.B.

Lynch J. (Cpl.)

Macausland O.B. (Lieut.)

Maclean J.G.

McCooke J.

McCurdy W.

McElfatrick S.

McIlrath M., (L/Cpl.)

McIlrath R., (L/Cpl.)

Morrison J.D. (L/Cpl.)

Mulholland J.

O’Kane D.

O’Kane T.

Patton W.

Stewart W.

Thompson W.J.

Torrens J.

Torrens T.

Toyo R.E., (C.Q.M.S.)

Weir E.A., (Sergt.)

Weir W.J

Workman W.J.

 These also Served 1914 - 1918

T. A. Adams, Captain, R.A.M.C.

R. Alexander

R. Bell

W. Bell

R. Blake

R. J. Boyce

J. J. Boylan, Corporal

M. M. C. Bradley

R. Bradley

T. Bradley, Corporal

W. Bradley

W. D. Bradshaw, Lieutenant

S. Burnside

J. Caldwell

W. C. Cameron

J. Carton, Corporal

W. Cathcart

D. N. Chambers, Sergeant

R. Clarke

A. Collins

J. Collins

T. Collins

R. Craig

W. J. Cranston

J. Curry

J. Dallas

G. Dallas

T. Dallas

W. H. Dempsey

J. Devennie, Lance-Corporal

D. Diamond

M. Dickson, Sergeant

R. Dickson, Sergeant

W. J. Diffin

W. Ferguson, Lance-Corporal

S. Fleming

R. Galway

Lord L. E. S. G. Garvagh, Lieut.

J. Gibson

J. Gibson

R. Gibson

T. J. Gibson

A. Gilmore

W. Gilmore, Bombardier

W. Gilmore

R. A. Gould

J. A. Graham, Corporal

W. J. Gray

T. Hall

G. D. Heyland, Major

J. Hunter

W. Hunter

R. Irwin

D. Jamieson

J. Johnston

R. J. Kelly, Sergeant-Major

P. Lafan

J. A. Lamont, Cadet

W. Lamont

W. A. Lindsay, Lance-Corporal

J. Linton

R. Linton, Sergeant

S. S. Linton

W. J. Linton M.C., Captain

T. Lynch

W. B. Lynch, Lance-Corporal

W. M. Lyttle

J. M. M. Madill, C.F., Captain

J. H. Madill, Captain

T. Madill. R.N., Cadet

R. A. Macausland, Capt., Croix -de-Guerre,

S. May

F. McCafferty

T. McAlister

J. McAtamney

M. McCann

A. McCaughey, Lance-Corporal

R. J. McClean

W. J. McClenaghan

T. McGuigan

J. McIlrath

R. Mcllroy

D. J. Mclntyre M.M., Sergeant

J. T. McMaster

W. McMichael, Corporal

J. McQuaide

G. Meabank, Sergeant

J. H. W. Millar

R. Millen

J. Moore

D. Moore

T. J. C. Moore

D. Morrison

C. G. Morrison, Lieutenant

F. H. C. Morrison, Major

J. Mullan, Lance-Corporal

H. Mullan

M. Mullan

G. Neely

H. W. Neely D.C.M., Sergeant

P. O’Brien

A. O’Kane

D. O’Kane

A. Orr

A. Patterson, Sergeant

S. Patton

E. A. Paul, Sergeant

R. J. Paul

A. Rafferty, Corporal

J. Rafferty

T. Rafferty

J. Rankin, Lieutenant

R. Robertson M.M., Corporal

W. Stewart

A. Scott

J. Smith, Lance-Corporal

G. Smith

A. F. H. Smyth M.C., Captain

W. J. Smyth

D. Stewart

J. Stewart

J. Stewart

R. Stewart

T. Stewart

W. H. Stewart C.F., Captain

W. Stewart

T. Stratton

A. C. Thompson

D. A. W. Toye, Company Sergeant-Major

S. P. Toye

W. Toye, C.P.O.

R. Wade

J. Watt

R. J. Weir

A. Wilson

J. Wilson

Sergeant J. W. Wilson, D.C.M.

T. Wilson

J. Witherow, Corporal

T. Diamond, Nurse

M. Elder, Nurse

D. M. Macausland, Nurse

A. McNeary, Nurse

S. A. McNeary, Nurse

H. F. S. Smyth, Nurse

A Wilson, Nurse

Second World War
The Fallen.

Fleming, T. A.C.I.

Gray, R.A. Sergeant

Robinson, R. Flight Officer

Toner, P.

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