Dungannon, County Tyrone

Dungannon, County Tyrone
Dungannon War Memorial is situated in the Market Square.
The inscription on the memorial is ;-

IN THE GREAT WAR 1914 – 1918.

Among the relatives of the fallen, were Mrs. Morrow, mother of Pte. Robert Morrow, V. C., and Mr. James Lynn, Coalisland whose four sons were killed. (In 1917 a plaque was unveiled in Coalisland Parish Church in memorial of the Lynn brothers.)
The memorial, which has been erected at a cost of £1,700, is the work of Mr. F.W. Pomeroy, R.A., London. It consists of a bronze figure, a soldier representing Victory, standing about 8 feet 6 inches, in height, which is mounted on a large pedestal of Stancliffe stone, on which are four bronze panels containing some 200 names of the fallen of Dungannon, almost 100 of those being men of the Royal Inniskillings Fusiliers. The total height of the monument is 18 feet 6 inches (approx 6m), and weights about 30 tons. It was unveiled by the Countess of Ranfurly.
During his speech Brigadier-General Ricardo said, ‘Let the comradeship of the trenches, where no division of creed or class was known, be with them to the end. The memorial should remind them of their duty toex-Service men, especially the scarred and maimed in mind or body, many of whom to-day were unemployed. The men whom they honoured were all volunteers. No compulsion was needed to urge them. They lived and died free men.’

The names listed are those off or from the Dungannon area. The regiments, etc., in which they served are listed in alphabetical order.
Dr. F. C. Mann, chairman of the Dungannon War Memorial Committee, read out the list of the fallen of Dungannon and district, whose names were inscribed on the memorial, as follow:-

Australian Imperial Forces-Pte; James Daly, Thomas Gates.
Black Watch-Cpl. Henry Mitchell Kelly.
Canadians-Major W. H. D. Bennett, Sergt. George Roberts, Cpl. George P. Coleman, Ptes. James Arthurs, R. L. Campbell, Walter Curry, George Haddon, Thomas Johnston, Robert G. Lawson, Robert Neville.
Coldstream Guards-Capt. Viscount Northland.
Connaught Rangers-Lieut. D. A. Greer, L.-Cpl. Thomas Walshe.
Durham Light Infantry-Cpt. Alexander Loughran.
East Yorkshire Regiment-Lieut. Hewitt Huggard.
8th Hussars-Cpl. William Fairbairn.
Indian Army-Major Henry N. Kelly.
Indian Medical Service-Capt. John B. Tackaberry.
Inniskilling Dragoons-L.-Cpl. Randall, E. M’Manus, Troopers Harry Hamilton, William Sloan, Alex. Watts.
Irish Guards-Pte. John Gray, Eugene O'Neill, John J. Ormsby, Thomas Woods.
King’s Royal Rifles-Pte. William N. Hobson.
Lancashire Fusiliers-Lieut. Edwin S. Frizelle, Sergt. James M’Guffin.
London Irish Rifles-Pte. John Alex. Doonan.
London Rifle Brigade-Sergt. William A. Roulston, D.C.M.
New Zealand Forces-Pts. W. D. Dunwoody, George M’Kinley, Robert Sloan.
Nurses-Nurses Emily Gray, A. Shortt.
Queen Mary’s Auxiliary Army Corps-Alicia Watt.
Royal Air Force-Lieuts. James M. Andrews, Wilfred Hodge, Pte. Walter Montgomery.
Royal Army Service Corps-Regt. Sergt.-Major Joy Davis.
Royal Army Medical Corps-Capts. Bernard S. Browne, William Cummings, William Vincent Johnston; Pte. Robert Jeffs.
Royal Artillery-Pte. P. Gartland.
Royal Dublin Fusiliers-Lieut. Alfred M. Rose-Cleland, Pts. Francis Fitzpatrick, John Toner, Patrick Donnelly, Owen Magill.
Royal Engineers- Capt. Charles Newell; Pioneer Richard J. Arthurs, Sappers John Knox, James Joseph Leonard, William Lewis.
Royal Field Artillery- Driver Robert Lynn, Gunners Thomas Rutherford, George Henry Wright.                 
Royal Garrison Artillery-Lieut. Alex. M’Crea, Gunners Francis Bernard Ingham, Joseph P. Sands, Bombardier John. M’Kenna.
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers-
Captains. Vincent A. Ackeson, William T. Dickson; Lieuts. Laurence C. Brown, William Porter, Joseph Stewart;
Sergeants; John Milligan, John Quinn, Patrick J. Weir;
Corporals. H. V. S. Donaldson, Robert Gallery, T. J. Allen Hunter, John Kee, William Milligan, Robert Taylor;
Lance-Corporals and Privates. George Caddoo, George Farr, Jas. J. Magee, William M’Menemy, Joseph Quinn, D.C.M, James Gray; Pts. Robert H. Anderson, Robt. Averall, William Best, Andrew Boyd, Enoch Bowen, Hugh Cairns, Joseph Carr, Ernest Corr, Thomas J. Cross, Dennis Crumley, Frank Curran, James Cumberland, John Cumberland, James Devlin, George Dilwortb, William R. Dickson, Jno. Donaldson, Frank Eccles, Joseph Donnelly, Robert Farr, Bernard Fitzpatrick, Robert Fulton, Thos. Gallagher, John Galway, Wm. Gallagher, Frederick J. Gibson, James Gibson, Thomas G: Gibson, David Glass, James Goan, Hugh Hagan, Wm. D. Hall, John S. Hamilton, William Fairbairn, Patrick Hagan, Joshua Holland, Jackson Henderson, Edward Hughes, William Jeffs, Edwin C. Johnston, John G. Jones, Samuel Lamb, Joseph J. Murphy, George Marshall, Michael Moore, Louis Meenagh, Jas. Murtagh, George M’Auley, Charles M’Anaw, Thomas H. M’Clean, Harry M’Guigan, John M’Guigan, Stephen M’Laughlin, William J. M’Minn, Edward J. M’Neill, Robert Orr, William J. Orr, John O’Farrell, Charles O,Neill, James O,Neill, Alexander Reid, Peter Rafferty, Thomas Roberts, William Roberts, Alexander Skeffington, David Sands, Joseph Stevenson, Samuel Steenson,  James Stewart, Henry Watt,  Joseph Watt, John Weir, Fred Wigton, Robert Wigton, Robert J Wilson, Patrick Woods, James Woods, James Woods,  George H. Wright.
Royal Irish Fusiliers-
Lieutenants. Lee Tolarton, James A. Reynolds:
Sergeants. Garnitt Irwin, William Lynn;       
Lance-Corporal Thomas Stephenson,
Privates. David Allen, Thomas Clarke, John Daly, Andrew Galway, Matthew Heggarty, John Lynn, Robert Morrow, V.C.;  Richard M’Intyre, John M’Nally, William J. Stratten, Robert M’Shane, Robert Steenson.
Royal Irish Rifles-
Captain Hugh. H. Beatty,
Lieuts. Ernest. Daniel, Joseph Marsh;
Lance-Corporal- Isaac Rusby;          
Privates. Robert Anderson, Thomas Donnelly, Thomas. A. Hunter, Owen M’Gill, Thosmas Patterson.
Royal Irish Regiment-Cpt. Fred. Dunne; Ptes. Patrick Donnelly, Jas. Toner.
Royal Leinster Regiment-Pte. John Finnegan.
Royal Munster Fusiliers-Lieut. Ernest M. Harper, Pte. Ed. Hughes.
Royal Navy-Lieut.-Commander Colin Campbell.                        
Royal Scottish Fusiliers-Pte. Jos. M’Intyre.
Scottish Rifles-Sergt. Henry Robinson, Cpl. Robert M’Reynolds.
South African Horse-Corporal John Burrowes.
South Staffordshire Regiment-Lieut. Edgar H. Harper.
South-West Africa Horse-Trooper Robert Daniel.
Tank Corps-Lieut. Stanley H. Smith.
West Surrey Regiment-Pte. John Lavelle.
York and Lancaster Regiment-Lieut. L.D.R. Huggard, Cpl. William John Telford.



1939 - 1945

Allen R., Lance Corporal Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Baird, J., Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Black J. H., Corporal Irish Guards
Blemmings T.A., Sergeant Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Buchanan S., Sergeant Royal Air Force
Campbell P.J., Lance Corporal Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Cardwell T., Sergeant Royal Artillery
Chambers T.S., Lance Corporal North Irish Horse
Chapman H., Sergeant Royal Air Force
Corr J., Fusilier Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Crooks J., Sergeant Royal Pioneer Corps
Curry T., Fusilier Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Dixon T., L.A.C. Royal Air Force
Fenwick J., Private Royal Pioneer Corps
Graham H.J., Sergeant Royal Air Force
Gray G., Sub. Lieutenant Royal Navy
Herron M., Fusilier Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Houston J., Fusilier Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Kirk J., Gunner Royal Artillery
Lambert T., Fusilier Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Langlands John Porter, Sergeant Royal Air Force. Son of John Baxter Langlands and Winifred Langlands, of Dungannon.
Lyttle S.J., Flight Sergeant Royal Air Force
Marks W., Sergeant Royal Air Force
Meclauchlin R., Private U.S.F.
Moffit John Anderson, Lance Sergeant Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Son of Crozier F. and Elizabeth S. Moffit, of Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
Montgomery G., Private U.S.F.
McAleer F., D.C.M., Sergeant Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
McCammons S., Driver Royal Army Service Corps
McCleary J., Sergeant Royal Air Force
McCrea J., C.O.M.S., R.S.F.
McCrory J., Gunner Royal Artillery
McIntyre F., D.C.M., Sergeant Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Noble W.F., Royal Navy
Orr J., Sergeant Pilot Royal Air Force
Robinson R.D., Lance Corporal Royal Ulster Rifles
Rush P., Corporal Wilts
Seawright Thomas, Private Black Watch. Son of Thomas G. and Louise D. Seawright, of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
Steele-Nicholson J.E.C.A., Sergeant Royal Air Force. Son of Robert Charles Henry and Lydia Mary Noel Amelia Steele-Nicholson, of Ballow, Bangor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.
Treanor A., Pilot Officer Royal Air Force
White R.G., Sergeant Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Wilson A.J.N., Sergeant Pilot Royal Air Force
Wylie S.D., Fusilier Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers


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