Dromore, County Down
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Dromore, County Down.
Dromore War Memorial is situated in the town’s square.
The monument represents a soldier in full fighting equipment, with rifle and bayonet “at the ready.” It is executed in bronze and is mounted on a column of Irish limestone. The names of the fallen appear on a bronze slab on the front of the memorial. The statue is a monument to the memory of over ninety men and one lady (a nurse) of the town and district, who laid down their lives in the Great War, and the 400 odd who served.
Names of the Fallen. (See below for additional names added June 2007.)


D. Boyd

D. Prentice


Captain S. Martin, R.A.M.C

Captain  J. R. Miller

Lieutenant J. H. Edgar, M.A., B.D.

Second-Lieutenant J. K. S. Hunter

Sergeant J. Graham

Sergeant S. Gribben

Sergeant W. Gribben

Sergeant B. Hamilton

Sergeant J. A. Hamilton

Sergeant T. R. S. Kerr

Sergeant G. M’Clenaghan

Sergeant S. Watson

Corporal C. Allen

Corporal D. Donaldson

Corporal E. Hamilton

Corporal I. Jess

Corporal John Ledgett

Corporal W. Lunn

Corporal H. Peden

Corporal D. J. Wilson

Lance-Corporal S. Bryson

Lance-Corporal H. E. Flanagan

Lance-Corporal T. Gamble

Lance-Corporal D. G. M’Ewan

Private W. Anderson

Private W. H. Arburthnot

Private H. Archer

Private S. H. Archer

Private J. O. Armstrong

Private J. Beggs

Private J. Beggs

Private O. Best

Private H. J. Boal

Private T. Boston

Private T. Brown

Private A. Burns

Private L. Burns

Private G. Carson

Private W. G. Chambers

Private T. Clarke

Private T. Cochrane

Private R. Crawford

Private H. Cunningham

Private W. Darragh

Private F. Doloughan

Private T. W. G. Edgar

Private W. H. Flanagan

Private R. Fleck

Private D. Frame

Private T. Fulton

Private W. G. Gamble

Private W. Gill

Private W. Gordon

Private E. Gourley

Private J. Greer

Private H. Gribben

Private W. Gribben

Private S. Guiney

Private E. Jackson

Private J. Jess,

Private W. Johnson

Private A. Jones

Private A. Lilley

Private J. Martin

Private S. Martin

Private R. M’Candless

Private J. M’Cracken

Private A. M’Donald

Private H. M’Donald

Private A. M’Dowell

Private W. M’Garrell, M.M.

Private H. M’Mahon

Private A. M’Mullan

Private M. Nutt

Private C. Ogle

Private W. Prenter

Private J. Prentice

Private S. Price

Private J. Pyper

Private T. Scott

Private R. Smyth

Private S. Smyth

Private C. W. Thompson

Private W. J. Vint

Private W. H. Wallace

Private T. Watson

Private J. Whitley

Private T. Whitley

Private E. Young

Nurse E. H. Watson

65 additional names added June 2007
A dedication service and unveiling was held at Dromore War Memorial on Sunday 24th June 2007. It was preceded by a short Royal British Legion Parade, Dromore. A bronze plaque bearing the name of  an additional 62 men from the Dromore area who lost their lives whilst serving in the armed forces during the First World War (1914-1918) was unveiled. This act was the culmination of over 7 years research by Mr. Jeffrey Martin to remember those whose names had not been on the original plaque. Mr. Martin has written a book focusing on these men.


Porter, James, Seaman

Lilley, James, Stoker 


Doake, S.H., Major, D.S.O.

McKee, Francis M.B. J.P. Captain

Sherrard, John C. Captain

Vaughan, John M., Lieutenant 

Napier, Jonathan, 2nd Lieutenant 

Bingham, Robert J. Sergeant

Boyd, George T., Sergeant

Hamilton, Samuel G. Sergeant

McFadden, Joseph, Sergeant 

Ervin, H.G., Corporal

Patterson, William, Corporal

Boyle, Frederick, Lance-Corporal

Chambers, Richmond J.T. Lance-Corporal

Ferris, Samuel, M.M. L-Corporal

Gamble, Thomas, Lance-Corporal

Gordon, Thomas, Lance-Corporal 

Gorman, Gilbert, Lance-Corporal 

Kilgariff, Henry, Lance-Corporal

Adair, Robert M., Private

Adams, Albert, Private

Baxter, William R, Private

Bell, Robert J., Private

Bothwell, Arthur W., Private

Cairns, W., Private

Catherwood, J., Private

Clarke, T.J. Private

Crookshank, J., Private

Dickson, T.J., Private

Ferris, R., Private

Fitzgerald, W., Private

Gordon, Robert, Private

Gourley, John A. Private

Graham, John, Private

Gribben, James, Private

Gribbin, Arthur, Private

Hawthorne, William R., Private

Hutchinson, Samuel, Private

Jess, David, Private

Kane, John, Private

Kayes, William, Private

Kerr, James, Private

Kerr, Samuel, Private

Lindsay, William J., Private

Massey, Alfred, Private

McConnell, John, Private

McCormick, William J., Private

McIlwrath, George H., Private

McKeown, David T., Private

McKinley, William J., Private

Nicholson, Hugh J., Private

Nicholson, William H., Private

Pollock, Thomas, Private 

Rodgers, W.H., Private

Scott, Hugh, Private

Smith, Thomas, Private

Smyth, Robert A., Private

Smyth, Robert, Private

Thompson, Frederick B., Private 

Thompson, M., Private 

Truesdale, F., Private 

Watson, R., Private 

White, J., Private 

Young, J., Private

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