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The Memorial Gateway has recently been completely restored and relocated in a more appropriate setting in the Memorial Park by Antrim and Newtownabbey Council

Photographs courtesy of David Jordan.

Crumlin War Memorial Park and Gateway, County Antrim.

Crumlin War Memorial Park and Gateway is located on the outskirts of the village adjacent to the railway station.
The following is a description of it given during the official opening ceremony.
‘The park has been laid out near the railway station in Crumlin, and covers  an area of four and a half acres. A memorial gateway of solid oak,  erected near the main entrance, contains two tablets, on which are the  names of those who fell and also of those who served in the war. The  park had been laid out and the gateway erected to the memory of  thirty-two good men and true who made the same supreme sacrifice in the  late war, to nine men and women who died on service or from the effects  of illness and disease contracted on service, and to 164 men who  willingly and freely gave their services to their country. The park  contains both cricket and football grounds, and tennis courts are being  prepared.  There is also a playground for the children.’
In concluding his speech Lord Massereene quoted the words by the King in  the cemetery near Boulogne at the end of his Majesty’s pilgrimage to the graves of the fallen in France. ‘As our dead are equal in sacrifice so are they equally in honour, for the greatest and the least of them have  proved that sacrifice and honour are no vain things, but truths by which the world lives.’ 
There are two wooden tablets, one on either side of the gateway. One for the  men and women who fell, the second for those who served.

In affectionate remembrance of the men and women
who gave their lives for their country in the
Great War
1914 - 1918.

Adair, George. Pte., 11th Bat. R.I.R.

Ayre, Samuel, Pte., 11th Bat. R.I.R.

Bell, Arthur, Pte.,  9th Bat. R.I.R.

Bell, Robert, Cpl., 1 R.Ic.F.  

Bell, William, Pte.,  2nd Bat. R.I.R. 

Boyd, William, Sgt-Fr., Canadians

Browne, George, Pte., R.I.R.

Bushe, Samuel, Pte., 11th Bat. R.I.R. 

Campbell, James, Pte., 16th Bat. R.I.R.

Campbell, Philip, Pte., R.I.R.  

Clarke, Edward R. 2nd Lt., K.R.R.C.

Clarke, William, Sgt., 11th Bat. R.I.R.  

Cormican, Hugh Patrick, Stkr., H.M.S. Hawke 

Cosgrave, Michael, Gnr., R.F.A.  

Fleming, John. Pte. 11th Bat., R.I.R.   

Gillen, John, Pte., R.I.R.  

Heaney, Thomas, Pte., R.I.R. 

Hull, Robert, Pte., ANZACS  

Jacob, Frank, Gnr., R.F.A.  

Johnson, Joseph, Pte., R.I.F. 

Lindsay, Hugh, L-Cpl., 11th Bat. R.I.R.  

Logan, William, Pte., 11th Bat. R.I.R.    

McCleary, Samuel, Pte., R.I.R. 

McConkey, Matthew, Pte., 11th Bat. R.I.R.      

McGarry, Matthew, Pte., R.I.R.  

McQuillan, William, Sgt., 11th Bat. R.I.R.     

Morrison, Lizzie N. V.A.D., ????and Solonica  

Mulholland, Patrick, Pte., 11th Bat. R.I.R. 

Mulholland, Robert, Pte., Canadians    

Patterson, Robert, Pte., 11th Bat. R.I.R.  

Sherlock, Robert, Pte., N.Z.

Stewart, Daniel, Pte. R.I.R.   

Williamson, Andrew, Pte., 11th Bat. R.I.R. 

Williamson, Robert, Pte., Canadians  

Williamson, Samuel, Pte., 11th Bat. R.I.R.

Williamson, W.J. Cpl., 11th Bat. R.I.R.  

Wilson, Samuel, Pte., R.I.R.

Yarr, William, Pte., Canadians

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