County Fermanagh
Enniskillen memorial

Doves added to memorial in 1991.

The County Fermanagh War Memorial, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh
The County Fermanagh War memorial is located at the junction of Belmore Street, Queen Elizabeth Road and East Bridge Street near to ‘The Clinton Centre,’ Enniskillen
‘The memorial has been erected at a cost of £1,600. It takes the form of a monument of light coloured freestone, 20 feet (6.5m) high, surmounted by the figure in bronze of a private soldier, wearing his war kit and leaning on his rifle in an attitude of reverence. Originally the steps at the base were fitted with heavy black chains supported by small white pillars. On one side is the inscription, under the coat of arms;

 “Inniskilling – Our Glorious Dead, 1914 - 1918.”

The other sides contain the names of 650 Fermanagh soldiers who were killed. These represent practically every unit of his Majesty’s service, but over 50 per cent. of the names recorded are those of men who served in different battalions of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. In addition, at the time of the unveiling, there were the names of 901 disabled men on the war pensions books from Enniskillen.
The doves were added 1991, in memory of 11 people who were killed and hundreds who were injured at the memorial by an IRA bomb on Remembrance Sunday, 8th November, 1987.

The Names of the Fallen are listed alphabetically in rank order under the titles ;-
Royal Navy,
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers,
Irish Regiments other than the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers,
Other Units in the British Expeditionary Force,
Canadian Expeditionary Force,
Australian and New Zealand Expeditionary Force,
Indian Expeditionary Force,
South African Expeditionary Force.
Royal Navy

Sub-Lieutenant P. H. Brooke

Sub-Lieutenant P. H. I. Irvine

Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Captain E. N. F. Bell, V.C.

Captain W. A. Morris, M.C.

Lieutenant T. Johnston

Lieutenant J. J. McNamee

Lieutenant C. A. Robinson

Lieutenant F. W. Wilson

Lieutenant C. P. J. Wray

Second-Lieut. W. A. Armstrong

Second-Lieut.A. T. L. Barton,

Second-Lieut. C.T.O. Clarke

Second-Lieut. J. S. Carrothers

Second-Lieut. C. A. Crowe

Second-Lieut. F. D.Gunning

Second-Lieut. F. A. Saddlier

Second-Lieut. N. D. Trimble

Comp. Sergt.-Major A. Armstrong

Comp. Sergt.-Major A. Hall

Comp. Sergt.-Major W. Wilson

Comp. Q.-M. Sergeant R. Devers

Sergeant J. Blair

Sergeant W. Braebrooke

Sergeant R. Bryans

Sergeant T. C. Cairns, M.M.

Sergeant W. H. Crooks

Sergeant W. Coffey

Sergeant R. Crawford

Sergeant J. Carney, Sen.

Sergeant J. Carney, Jun.

Sergeant J. Cherry

Sergeant G. Dick, M.M.

Sergeant J. Drumm

Sergeant W. Drumm

Sergeant J. Bates, D.C.M

Sergeant J. Dolan

Sergeant G. L. Forster

Sergeant J. Fox

Sergeant W. A. Goodwin

Sergeant W. J. Hogan

Sergeant W. I. M’Farland

Sergeant J. M’Keown

Sergeant H. Macourt

Sergeant H. Morrison

Sergeant G. Reid

Sergeant P.Simpson

Corporal J. Crozier

Corporal J. Duncan

Corporal P. Drumm

Corporal H. V. S. Donaldson

Corporal R. Graham

Corporal Wm. Graham

Corporal A. Heany

Corporal J. Hummerston

Corporal W. T. Irvine

Corporal W. A. Johnston

Corporal W. G. Knox, M.M.

Corporal R. Kerr

Corporal T. Knox,

Corporal J. Lee

Corporal G. A. Lattimer

Corporal H. M’Cartney, M.M.

Corporal J. M’Kenzie

Corporal B. M’Manus

Corporal W. M’Sorley

Corporal R. H. H. M’Court

Corporal R. Noble

Corporal W. Plunkett

Corporal A. Scott

Corporal J. Smith

Corporal J. Shute, M.M.

Corporal J. A. Sproule

Corporal T. Virtue

Lance-Cpl. R. H. Brandon

Lance-Cpl. E. Boyle

Lance-Cpl. T. Creighton

Lance-Cpl. W. Coulter

Lance-Cpl. W. J. Corrigan

Lance-Cpl. J. Darcy

Lance-Cpl. P. Doherty

Lance-Cpl. H. Evans

Lance-Cpl. W. J. Fleming

Lance-Cpl. J. P. Graham

Lance-Cpl. Robert Garrett

Lance-Cpl. T. Gallagher,

Lance-Cpl. J. M. Hogan

Lance-Cpl. J. R. Irvine

Lance-Cpl. D. Johnston

Lance-Cpl. W. Kettles

L-Cpl. P. Leonard, D.C.M., M.M.

Lance-Cpl. J. J. M’Farland

Lance-Cpl. J. R. M’Clelland

Lance-Cpl. J. Morrison,

Lance-Cpl.T. J. Meehan

Lance-Cpl.F. J. O’Reilly

Lance-Cpl.W. Phair

Lance-Cpl. H. S. Roberts

Lance-Cpl.J. Stinson

Lance-Cpl. F. Stevin

Lance-Cpl. W. Woods

Lance-Cpl. T. E. Wiggins

Private W. J. Abraham

Private J. Armstrong

Private W. Allen

Private W. C. Anderson

Private A. Allen

Private T. Allen

Private J. Anderson

Private F. S. Armstrong

Private A. Armstrong

Private E. Armstrong

Private J. F. Bogue

Private P. Boyle

Private J. Bowes

Private F. J. Bird

Private T. Buchanan

Private H. C. Barton

Private A. Balfour

Private W. Beatty

Private W. J. Brown

Private M. Bradley

Private I. Brown

Private S. Brown

Private J. Booth

Private Thomas Craig

Private H. Crawford

Private R. Coulter

Private V. R. T. Cousins

Private A. Campling

Private T. Cassidy

Private A. W. Copley

Private J. V. Copley

Private R. Crawford

Private J. Carrothers

Private J. Crozier

Private A. Cathers

Private M. Cassidy

Private J. Chambers

Private E. Crooks

Private W. Connor

Private J. Connolly

Private W. Corrigan

Private P. Clarke

Private W. Cranston

Private W. Dane

Private J. H. Dennis

Private E. Dixon

Private G. Downey

Private H. Donnelly

Private J. Duffy

Private  J. Dane

Private F. Donnelly

Private J. Duffy

Private W. J. Devlin

Private P. Durnian

Private T. R. Elliott

Private H. Eames

Private J. Emerson

Private H. E. Emmett

Private A. G. Emmett

Private S. Evans

Private J. J. Fleming

Private J. Forster

Private A. T. Fraser

Private W. J. Ferguson

Private J. Gilmore

Private P. Gray

Private P. Goodfellow

Private H. Gallagher

Private J. Gallagher

Private T. W. Gray

Private S. Gardiner

Private W. Gardiner

Private H. Graham

Private J. Greene

Private D. Gilmour

Private P. Gilmour

Private J. Gilmour

Private P. Henderson

Private J. Howe

Private T. Holliwell

Private G. Hoye

Private A. Hicks

Private F. Harren

Private M. Higgins

Private P. Higgins

Private John Houston

Private W. Hunter

Private T. Hunter

Private W. Holland

Private E. Hughes

Private J. E. Irvine

Private D. Johnston

Private W. Johnston

Private W. Johnston

Private W. T. Johnston

Private T. D. Johnston

Private W. Jordan

Private R. W. Kitson

Private T. E. Kerr

Private W. J. J. Kilpatrick

Private T. Keaveney

Private F. Keaveney

Private W. Keenan

Private J. Keaney

Private T. Kelly

Private M. Kenny

Private T. Knight

Private J. Kenny

Private J. Lindsay

Private F. R. Lee

Private G. Little

Private P. Lynch

Private J. Lynch

Private T. Logan

Private J. Lyttle

Private  J. M’Brien

Private W. J. M’Crea

Private W. M’Keany

Private S. O. M’Kenzie

Private F. M’Mullen

Private W. Morrison

Private S. Murray

Private J. Magee

Private P. M’Cabe

Private G. M’Comas

Private J. M’Quaide

Private A. M’Farland,

Private J. J. M’Farland

Private R. J. M’Cintock,

Private J. T. M’Donagh

Private J. Monaghan

Private D. Milly

Private F. M’Carroll

Private J. Maguire

Private J. Moffatt

Private B. M’Cusker

Private W. R. M’Caffrey

Private S. M. Mullen

Private J. M’Taggart

Private J. J. M’Coy

Private J. M’Laughlin

Private J. Murray

Private M. M’Dermott

Private J. J. M’Caffrey

Private W. M’Ginity

Private G. Morrow

Private J. E. Malone

Private J. M’Connell

Private W. Manley

Private H. Montgomery

Private J. J. Monaghan

Private J. M’Manus

Private F. M’Keman

Private J. Murphy

Private M. Maguire

Private F. Maguire

Private F. M’Laughlin

Private T. M’Caffrey

Private F. Meehan

Private T. M’Nally

Private W. Murphy

Private H. Mulligan

Private F. Mitchell

Private T. M’Girr

Private P. Murphy

Private J. Murphy

Private W. M’Bride

Private W. A. M’Leer

Private W. M’Connell

Private J. M’Knight

Private W. Nelson

Private T. Nixon

Private W. Nixon

Private J. O’Roarke

Private J. Potters

Private W. E. Parker

Private M. Petty

Private T. Petty

Private J. Phelan

Private T. Quinn

Private G. W. Rose

Private R. J. Reilly

Private J. Rorke

Private H. Rooney

Private J. Rexter

Private W. Rutledge, M.M

Private T. J. Shaw

Private C. Seaman

Private P. J. Slevin

Private R. Symington,

Private J. Scarlett

Private G. Symington

Private J. Steenson

Private J. Shaw

Private R. Simpson

Private J. Simpson,

Private James Simpson

Private J. Spillane

Private A. Shaw

Private J. Smith

Private H. A. Stewart

Private R. Stewart

Private F. Spillane

Private S. Toland

Private W. G. Threadkill

Private P. Tumelty

Private F. Thompson

Private P. Taylor

Private E. J. Vance

Private G. Williamson

Private J. Wray

Private J. Wiggins

Private R. Weir

Private J. Whittaker

Private T. West

Private J. Williamson

Irish Regiments other than Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

Col. R. A. West, V.C., D.S.O. & Bar, M.C.

Major H. H.  Brooke

Major H. Creighton

Captain G. G. Duggan

Captain C. W. D’Arcy-Irvine

Captain F. D. Mitchel

Lieutenant J. R. Duggan

Lieutenant J. W. Wilson

Sec.-Lieut. J. Darling, M.C. & Bar

Sergeant F. J. Clinton

Sergeant G. Greaves

Sergeant G. C. Reid

Sergeant R. A. Wylie

Corporal J. Carleton

Corporal H. Irvine

Corporal A. W. Johnston

Lance-Corporal F. Beatty

Lance-Corporal J. Coulter, M.M.

Lance-Corporal R. Granleese

Lance-Corporal J. Kane

Lance-Corporal G. Moffatt

Lance-Corporal J. A. M’Manus

Lance-Corporal J. J. O’Dare

Lance-Corporal P. Wallace

Private W. J. Abercrombie

Private J. G. Armstrong

Private I. Armstrong

Private J. Burns

Private J. Brown

Private J. Beggan

Private  W. Bennett

Private  T. Blake

Private  P. Carey

Private  J. Curry

Private  J. Connor

Private  T. Convey

Private  J. Connolly

Private  T. Carey

Private  H. Caldwell

Private  E.  E. Cheney

Private  H. Caulfield

Private  T. Carson

Private  J. Carleton

Private  J. Cummins

Private  W. E. H. Dundas

Private  J. Dolan

Private  J. H. Davis

Private  P. Dooris

Private  P. Donohue

Private  W. T. Elliott

Private  F. Flaherty

Private  P. Farry

Private  J. Fegan

Private  A. Ford

Private  J. Ford

Private  J. Fiddis

Private  J. Gilroy

Private  P. Gough

Private  J. Gilmour

Private  O. Gray

Private H. Gallagher

Private J. Haggins

Private R. Houston

Private P. Harn

Private W. Hague

Private W. Irvine

Private J. F. Johnston

Private J. Johnston

Private W. Johnston

Private J. Johnston

Private G. Johnston

Private R. W. Kerr

Private J. Keaveney

Private M. Leo

Private J. Lynch

Private P. Leonard

Private W. Lindsay

Private G. Lally

Private J. M’Manus

Pte. J. M’Arow, Medaille Militaire

PrivateJ. J. M’Keever

Private F. M’Carroll

Private Dan M’Cabe

Private H. L. M’Nulty

Private P. M’Namee

Private F. M’Govern

Private W. M’Mullen

Private F. J. Morrison

Private C. M’Williams

Private R. W. Megahey

Private  J. M’Sherry

Private  P. J. M’Inerney

Private  W. Nixon

Private  J. Nicholl,

Private  T. H. Nugent

Private  P. Owens

Private  F. O'Hara

Private  P. O’Rourke

Private  H. Orr

Private M. Phelan

Private P. Patterson,

Private W. F. Rutherford,

Private T. Quinn

Private W. Rankin

Private A. Seeney

Private J. J. Shannon

Private G. W. Strong

Private E. Shaw

Private R. Simpson

Private T. Smith

Private J. Stewart

Private J. A. Thompson,

Private W. Wallace

Private J. R. Woods

Other Units in the British Expeditionary Force.

Brigadier-General A. W. Lowry-Cole, C.B., D.S.O.

Colonel  T. M. Archdale, D.S.O.

Colonel  V. R. Brooke, C.I.E.O., D.S.O

Colonel Viscount Crichton, M.V.O., D.S.O.

Major N. J. M. Archdall

Major G. C. Brooke

Major J. G. A. Porter, D.S.O.

Captain M. Armstrong, M.C.

Captain J. F. St. J. Annesley, R.A.M.C.

Captain J. A. O. Brooke, V.C.

Captain H. Brooke, R. R. M.

Captain Brooke, J. Crichton

Captain W. G. M’Connell, R.A.M.C.

Captain J. B. Rutledge

Lieutenant G. Brooke

Lieutenant J. C. Massy-Beresford

Lieutenant M. B. Maude, M.C.

Lieutenant W. E. Morris

Lieutenant J. H. K. Reade

Lieutenant G. M. Wynne, R.E.

Second-Lieutenant J. Acheson

Second-Lieutenant G. M. Archdale

Second-Lieutenant F. S. Hughes

Second-Lieutenant P. J. Smyth

Nursing Sister M. G. Graham

Wireless Officer J. H. Doonan

Conductor T. G. Rexter, R.A.O.C

Sergeant-Major B. O’Connor

Sergeant J. Cleary

Sergeant W.  Graham

Bombardier H. Graham

Bombardier G. M’Caffrey

Corporal E. K. Coulter, R.F.A

Corporal G. M’Caffrey

Corporal P. M’Caffrey

Corporal O. Rogers

Lance-Corporal J. Carrothers, R.E.

Lance-Corporal R. A. M’Cubbin

Private W. Armstrong

Private E. H. M. Burke

Private W. Bennett

Private J. Best

Private J. J. Breen

Private I. Corrigan

Private L. Connors

Private W. H. Chittick

Private R. Carleton

Private  J. W. Duncan

Private J. A. Doonan

Private J. J. Elliott

Private W. J. Elliott

Private W. Finlay

Private H. E. Gordon

Private H. Goodwin

Private J. T. Hodgin

Private J. Howell

Private M. Huggard

Private W. Hanley

Private P. W. J. Kerr

Private J. Lucy

Private E. Lavelle

Private W. E. Morrow

Private J. Maguire,

Private J. Moore

Private J. Murphy

Private J. Morrison

Private P. Maguire

Private P. M’Kenna

Private J. Maguire,

Private J. Mulligan

Private J. Nelson

Private P. O’Brien

Private G. Payne

Private P. Scollan

Private T. Spratt

Private W. Traynor

Private W, Walsh

Private T. D. Wilcox

Private W. Welch

Private T. Wilson

Canadian Expeditionary Force

Lieutenant T. Dane

Lieutenant J. Elliott

Lieutenant H. M’Clure

Sergeant-Major W. J. Brown

Sergeant-Major H. E. Briscow

Sergeant R. Corrigan,

Sergeant H. A. M’Connell

Corporal R. Elliott

Corporal T. E. Leslie

Corporal J. Phair

Private P. L. Bussell

Private W. R. Bussell

Private  J. Bleakley

Private R. J. Betty

Private R. Crawford

Private T. J. Dundas

Private R. L. Dundas

Private R. Gilmore

Private W. Hamilton

Private J. W. Hassard

Private T. J. Hynes

Private J. St. C. B. Humphrys

Private R. Irwin

Private W. J. Irvine

Private J. Irvine

Private T. Johnston

Private W. J. Keys

Private T. Lee

Private J. Lunny

Private J. C. Moore,

Private P. V. M’Farland

Private W. D. B. Parkinson-Cumine

Private  E.  Price

Private J. L. Oldcroft

Private R. Rooney

Private W. Sutherland

Private R. Scales

Private W. J. Stafford

Private  J. Teevan

Private W. J. Walmsley

Private W. T. Ward

Private W. J. Woods

Private E. Wilson

Australian and New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

Lieutenant T. H. Britton

Lance-Corporal C. W. Maude

Sergeant J. A. Moffitt

Sergeant T. R. Reid

Private W. E. Abbott

Private A. G. Atkinson

Private G. H. Brown

Private R. Brady

Private J. Johnston

Private R. W. McKnight

Private W. J. Stinson

Indian Expeditionary Force.

Major G. B. C. Irvine

Captain H. P. S. Bullock, O.B.E.

Lieutenant C. T. C. Irvine

South African Expeditionary Force.

Lieutenant D. M. Archdale

Lieutenant S. C. E. Irvine

Sergeant W. Mavitty

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