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BILLY PARISH CHURCH, Billy, County Antrim.
DUNLUCE  PARISH CHURCH, Bushmills, County Antrim.

Saint Patrick’s Church of Ireland, Ballymena.
A handsome war memorial was unveiled and dedicated at St, Patrick's Church, Ballymena, on Sunday by the Lord Bishop of Tuam (Right Rev. Dr. Ross).
The Fallen
Rifleman Charles Allan,   
Private Frank J. Bankhead,  
Private  John, Cairns,
Private John Close,
Rifleman Thomas Colgan (sen.),
Private Thomas Colgan (jun.).
Private Samuel J. Cromwell,
Corporal John Dempster,
Rifleman John Forsythe.   
Gunner Charles Gregg.   
Private Arthur Holmes,    
Lance-Corporal David Holmes,  
Rifleman James Lennox,
Sergeant Wilson Longmore, 
Rifleman Alexander Luke,    
Rifleman Joseph M'Aleese, 
Rifleman John M'Cart, 
Rifleman David M'Clintock,
Rifleman James M’Gowan,
Rifleman John M'Gowan,
Rifleman Harry M'Ilroy,   
Sergeant William M'Laughlin,
Private James Montgomery,
Rifleman W. J. Moore, 
Captain Robert C. Orr,  
Rifleman Robert J. Owens,
Private John C. Pickering,
Private Samuel M'N. Ritchie,
Rifleman James Robinson,
Lance-Corporal George Ross M’Cart,
Rifleman W. Stephenson,
Captain W. Brice Stuart, M.C.,
Private Telford,
Rifleman John Thompson,
Rifleman Alexander Wallace,
Corporal James Watson,
Rifleman William J. Watson.
The tablet was unveiled by Mrs. Colgan, Galgorm Street, Ballymena, whose husband and son were both killed. It was but appropriate, also that the memorial should be dedicated by Bishop Ross, who was rector of the parish during the war. The Lord Bishop also served as a chaplain with the forces in France.

Billy Parish Church, County Antrim
 The Great War Memorial was dedicated on Remembrance Day, 1925.

In honoured memory of the men of Billy Parish who gave their lives in the Great War.

1914 – 1918

Allan, Charles
Cochrane, John
Craig, Thomas L.
Kane, Johnston
McConaghy, Thomas
McCurdy, William
Moore, Robert
Moore, William
Ross, Arthur
Stewart-Moore, Harry.

No words express the measure of our thankfulness to you our dead”

“In the Second World War
1939 – 1945

Hanna, Thomas John
Kerr, William
McCaughey, John
McLernon, Douglas.

Lest we forget.”

In the Churchyard there is a tombstone with the inscription;-
In Memory of Sergeant Robert Quigg, V.C., 12 Batt. Royal Irish Rifles Who won the Victoria Cross For Most Conspicuous Bravery at the Battle of the Somme on 1st July 1916. Born 12th March 1885. Died 14th May 1955. Erected by His Comrades.

Cushendall Parish Church of Ireland, County Antrim.

The Names of the Fallen 1914 - 1918

Major L.W.S. Oldham. R.E.;
Capt. F. N.  M’Larnon, 9th Gurka Rifles;
Capt. H. F. Thompson, Rifle Brigade;
Second-Lieut.  J. F. Turnly,13th R.I.R.;
Sergt. J. Cochrane, 2nd Canadians:
Trooper J. Scott, 19th Hussars;
Rifleman Denis Humphreys, R.I.R.;
Private John Humphreys, 8th Canadians;
Private Daniel Stewart, R.I. Regt.;
Private Edward Foster, R.E.;
Private Adam Morrow, R.M.L.I. (H.M.S. Monmouth);
Gunner Robert Morrow, R.F.A.

Dunluce Parish Church, Bushmills, County Antrim
In memory of the men of this Parish who gave their lives for their Country in the Great War 1914- 1918.

Black John, Royal Irish Rifles.
Chambers William H., C.F.A.
Christie Daniel H., Royal Irish Rifles.
Cochrane George, Royal Irish Rifles.
Dean Isaac, Sergeant, Royal Irish Rifles.
Douglas Donald, Sergeant S.A.S.R.
Esdale Charles, Royal Irish Rifles.
Gault, Hugh, I.C.
Graham William, Sergeant, Irish Guards
Greer Robert, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Hatty William, Royal Irish Rifles.
Hunter Daniel, Machine Gun Corps
Johnston Daniel, Royal Irish Rifles.
McBride John, R.I.
McCaughan Jackson, Royal Irish Rifles.
McConaghy Jas. Royal Irish Rifles
McFall Thomas, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
McKeague William, Royal Irish Rifles.
Macnaghten Sir Harry, Bt. Lieutenant R.B.
Macnaghten Sir Douglas, Bt. Lieutenant R.B.
Maxwell William, Lance Corporal Royal Engineers
Patton Hugh, Royal Irish Rifles.
Speers Samuel, Royal Irish Rifles.
Taggart Robert, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Verner Jas. Royal Irish Rifles.
Weir, Archibald, Machine Gun Corps
Weir Alexander, Royal Irish Rifles.

In Memory
The Second World War 1939 – 1945
Ascough Walter George, Sergeant, Irish Guards
Atkinson Charles Joseph, R.S.R.
Cochrane William, R.A.
Esdale David, Sergeant R.S.F.
Lamont Allan, Royal Navy
McCaughan Andrew, Sergeant Commando
McKeague Samuel, R.P.C.
McMullan James, Sub Lieutenant Royal Naval Reserve.
Maxwell Robert, Royal Army Service Corps
Morton Albert, R.I.R.
Morton Samuel, Royal Navy
Tweed William John, R.I.F.
Moore Violet F., W.A.A.F.
Smiley David, 2nd Camerons.

Kilbride Church of Ireland, County Antrim
1914 – 1919
Gault J.V., 2nd Lieutenant Royal Irish Rifles
Wright W.J., Sergeant Royal Irish Rifles
Whyte T., Private Royal Irish Rifles
Whyte R., Private Royal Irish Rifles
Bill R., Private Royal Irish Rifles
Easton S., Worcestershire Regiment
Armstrong D., Australian Infantry, A.I.F.
Taylor J., Private Canadian Infantry
Jamison A., Stoker Royal Navy
Hamill R.M., Corporal Royal Irish Rifles
Martin J., Private Royal Irish Rifles
Waddell G., Private Royal Irish Rifles
Ayre G., Corporal Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Busby S.R., Private Devonshire Regiment
Sempey A.T., CQMS Canadian Infantry
Taylor J.P., Sergeant Royal Irish Rifles
Robinson S., Lance Corporal Royal Irish Rifles
Turkington R., Private Royal Irish Rifles
Porter A., Private Royal Irish Rifles
Percy J., Private Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Hill J.S., Private Royal Scots Fusiliers
Wright T., Canadians
Cassidy W., Canadian Army Medical Corps
1939 – 1945
McGarvey John Mc., Fusilier Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
“They waxed valiant in fight and turned to flight the armies of the aliens.” Heb. xi. 34)"


THE GREAT WAR. 1914-18.
The roll of Honour contains 112 names. It was compiled in July, 1918, by the then curate of the perish, the Rev. R. J. Black, B.A., R.U.I. Of the 119 who served, 17 made the supreme sacrifice, 3 received the Legion of Honour, 4 the D.S.O., 1 the Croix do Guerre, 2 the M.C., and 3 the M.M. In addition to these decorations one received the M.B.E., one the O.B.E., and one the C.B. The following is the complete list of names: —

The Fallen.
Black, Harold E., Private, Canadians.
Blackmore, Herbert, Private, M.M., Royal Irish Rifles.
Blackmore, William, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
Cochrane, George, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
Dixon, Alexander, Private, Royal Irish Rifles
Gage, John, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
Laverty, Patrick, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
McCafferty, George, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
McCafferty, John, Corporal, Royal Irish Rifles.
McGildowny, William, Major, D.S.O., Royal Field Artillery.
McKendry, Hugh, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
McLaughlin. Patrick, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
McLean, Nathaniel, American Army.
McMullen, William, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
Parkhill, Joseph, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
Simpson, Hugh, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
Simpson, John, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.

These also Served
Barnes, Frank P., Lieutenant Colonel, D.S.O., O.B.E., Army Service Corps.
Barnes, Theodore, 2nd Lieutenant, Essex Regiment.
Bell, Frank, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
Bernard, Arthur, Warrant Officer, Australians,
Black, Gordon B., Major, M.B.E., Canadians,
Black, J. Thompson, Sergeant, Canadians.
Byrne, Aubrey, 2nd Lieutenant, Tank Corps.
Byrne, Edgar, Gunner, Private, M.M., Tank Corps.
Byrne, H. E. Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve, Engineers
Callwell, Sir Charles, Major General,
Knight Companion of the Bath.
Commander of the Legion of Honour.
Russian Order of St. Stanislaus.
Italian Order of the Crown.
Belgian Order of the Crown.
Greek Order of the Redeemer.
Japanese Order of the Rising Sun.
Serbian Order of the White Eagle.
Roumanian Order of the Crown of Roumania.
Cameron, John S., Engineer, Mercantile Marine.
Cameron, William D., Private, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
Campbell, Alan J., Brig.-Gen., D.S.O., R. I. Army.
Campbell, Douglas, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Engineers.
Campbell, Robert A. B., Private, Canadians,
Cox, Edward Orme, Captain, Indian Army,
Cox, John H., South Africans.
Cox, Thomas O., Sergeant, Canadians.
Coyles, Alexander, Private, Royal Irish Rifles
Coyles, John, Stoker, Royal Navy,
Craig, James, Private, Royal Irish Rifles
Douglas, Archer, Mercantile Marine.
Douglas, Keevers, Mercantile Marine,
Douthart, John, Private, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Dunlop, Alexander, Sergeant, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Dunlop, Frank, Private, Royal Irish Rifles
Dunlop, William T., Sergeant, Royal Irish Rifles
Ellison, Daniel, Royal Garrison Artillery.
French, Walter, Mercantile Marine.
Gage, Alexander, Chaplain, Royal Navy.
Gage, Alexander S. G., Tank Corps.
Gage, Richard, F. O. D., 2nd Lieutenant, M.C., Royal Engineers.
Gage, Robert, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery.
Galloway, James, Private, Royal Irish Rifles
Galloway, William J., Private, Royal Irish Rifles
Hamill, Alexander, Private, Army Service Corps, (M.T.)
Hargy, Robert, Private, Royal Irish Rifles
Harrison, Arthur, Sergeant, Canadians.
Harvey, G., Major, Army Service Corps.
Hill, Frank, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
Holmes, Arthur, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
Humphreys, Fred, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
Humphreys, J. J., Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve.
Humphreys, Thomas V., Chief Engineer, Royal Naval, Trans. S.
Hunter, Arthur P., Sergeant, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
Hunter, Richard E., Private, Army Service Corps, (M.T.) Canadians.
Hutchinson, George, Captain, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
Hutchinson, Samuel J., Corporal, Royal Irish Rifles.
Jamison, John, Corporal, Royal Irish Rifles.
Jenkins, Thomas G., Private, Irish Guards.
Johnstone, Jasper B., Captain, Army Service Corps, (M.T.)
Kane, James F., Sergeant, Royal Irish Rifles.
Lyle, Sydney J., Captain, M.C., Royal Irish Rifles.
Macartney, J. J., Private, Gunner, Royal Field Artillery.
Macartney, Thomas J., Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
Meabank, George, Sergeant, Royal Irish Rifles.
Miller, Charles Blois, Captain, C.B., Legion of Honour, Croix D’Officier, Royal Navy
Morgan, William J., Canadians,
McCollam, John. Canadians,
McCurdy, Daniel, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
McCurdy, Henry, Canadians.
McCurdy, John, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
McFall, Robert, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
McGaghy, Henry. Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
McGaghy, James, Private, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
McIlreavy, Daniel, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
McKay, William, Private, M.G. Trans., Army Service Corps,
McKendry, Alexander, New Zealanders.
McKendry, John, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
McKendry, William, Private, Scottish Horse.
McKinney, William J., Royal Irish Rifles.
McLarty, Frank, Private, M.M., Croix de Guerre, Royal Irish Rifles.
McLaughlin, Edward, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
McLaughlin, William (Jnr.), Private, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
McLaughlin, William J., (Senr.), Corporal, Royal Irish Rifles.
McLean, John, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
McMullen, James, Sergeant, Canadians.
McMullen, John, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
Neill, Moore, Canadians.
Noble, R. S. H., 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles.
Parkhill, James, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
Parkhill, John, Private, Royal Army Medical Corps,
Quigg, Frank, R.A.S.
Quigg, John, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
Quigg, William, Private, Australians.
Sewell, H. S., Brig.-General, D.S.O., Legion of Honour,
Simpson, James, American Army,
Smith, William, Private, Royal Irish Rifles.
Spence, Charles K. P., Canadians.
Townsley, William J., Royal Navy.

Ballymoney Parish Church, County Antrim.
A memorial window consisting of three lights, the subjects being “The Baptism in Jordan,” “The Crucifixion,” and “The Ascension,” representing the three steps in our Saviour’s ministry of “Discipline,” “Sacrifice,” and “Triumph.”
With a brass tablet underneath. The work in connection with the window was carried out by Mr. A. M’Master, builder, Ballymoney. 
On the north wall of the church is the roll of honour, containing almost two hundred names of members of the congregation who had served during the Great War. The roll of honour is in oak, and is the work of Messrs. Sutherland and Co., Coleraine.

The names of the fallen are ;- George Graham, William Beckett, Herbert Brangam, Arthur B. Cramsie, William J. Johnston, Alexander M’Lean, John Biggart, John Brangam, James Doherty, Matthew Keers, David M’Clelland, William Biggart, Robert Campbell, Charles Ellison, John Kirgan, William M’Cormick, William M’Kendry, Samuel Boreland, James Clarke, Thomas J. Gault, James Lynn, James M’Coubrey, William Wade, Thomas Young.

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