Comber, County Down

Comber, County Down.
The Comber and District War Memorial is located in the Square, Comber.
Report at the time of unveiling;- ‘The Comber and District war memorial has been erected in the Square and takes the form of a bronze statue of an infantryman in full service equipment. On a bronze tablet sunk into the front of the granite pedestal, which forms part of the monument, appears the names of the officers and men belonging to the town and district who gave their lives for their King and country, whilst the names of those who served are inscribes on similar tablets on the back and sides of the pedestal.’ The memorial statue, which is the work of Mr. L. S. Merrifield, sculptor, cost £1,200, and this amount was raised by local subscriptions.’
‘They all knew how splendidly Ulster did in the war; what a magnificent response she made to the appeal of King and country, and it could be said without the slightest fear of contradiction, that no town of its size or population did better than and few did as well as the town of Comber.’
The Names of the Fallen

John Allen

James Auld

William Beers

Robert John Black

George T. Boyd

George James Bruce

William John Brown

Henry Burgess

Edward Campbell

George Casey

James Casey

John Cathcart

Robert Clarke

David Coey

Thomas Coey

William Colemam

Andrew John Dempster

Robert J. Dempster

Edmund de Wind,

Alexander Dines

James Donaldson

Samuel Donaldson

John Donaldson

James E. Drake

James Munn Dugan

Harry Earney

Nathaniel Ferguson

Thomas James Fisher

James Fisher

James Gabbey

David John Gamble

Frank Geddis

Samuel M. Geddis

Alexander Glover

John Haire

James Harris

Hector Hiles

Lawrence Arthur Hind

Robert John Ireland

Hugh Kelly

Andrew Lowry

John Magill

Robert Henry Marchall

Robert Marshall

James Morrison

Alexander Mullan

John Henry McBratney

James Wilson McBurney

John McCullough

John McCutcheon

John McIlveen

Alexander McIlwrath

Thomas McRoberts

Albert Edward Nelson

Robert Douglas Niblock

Ellis Oliver

Robert James Orr

James Patterson

James Patton

John Price

James Proctor

William James Quaile

John Quinn

Henry D. Ritchie

Thomas Simpson

George Sloan

David Smyth

John Smith

David John Smyth

Jack M. Spence

Thomas Strickland

John Swindle

Alfred Squire Taylor

William Thompsett

William John Thompson

John Walker

James Walsh

Albert Edward Young

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