Carrowdore, County Down

Carrowdore village County Down does not have a public War Memorial.

These Made The Ultimate Sacrifice
Colville, Alex., Royal Scots Fusiliers
Donnan Samuel, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Hamilton Samuel, Canadian Expeditionary Force
McKee Hugh A., Royal Army Service Corp.
Morrow James, Private Royal Irish Rifles
Orr Hugh, Royal Irish Rifles
Simpson James, Royal Scots
Stewart, John, Private, Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment).

These also Served
Bailie Samuel, Private Royal Irish Rifles
Barclay James, Sergeant Royal Irish Rifles
Beck Hugh, Unit unknown
Burrows James C., Private Royal Irish Rifles
Bryce Alex, Royal Scots Fusiliers
Bryce Hugh, Highland Light Infantry
Burch Nevin, Royal Irish Rifles
Cleland Alex., Royal Navy
Dorian James, Royal Irish Rifles
Ewart Frank, Surgeon R.N. O.B.E.
Hamilton Hugh, Royal Scots
Hamilton Thomas, Private Canadian Force
Martin Robert, Royal Engineers
Mayes James, Royal Irish Rifles
McClure Rev. William, Chaplin to the Forces, R.A.C.D.
McClure W. S., Private Royal Army medical Corps
McConnell E., Private Australian Force
McConnell James, Private Canadian Force
McCutcheon James, Royal Irish Rifles
McCutcheon Robert, Royal Irish Rifles
McDermott, Private Canadian Force
McLean John, Royal Scots
Morrow Thomas, Private Royal Irish Rifles
Morrow Samuel, Private Royal Irish Rifles
Patterson James, Royal Irish Rifles
Patterson John S., Private, Royal Irish Rifles
Reid James, Private, U.S. Air Force
Reid John, Driver, Canadian Force
Reid Samuel, Private, Royal Irish Rifles
Robson James, Private Royal Irish Rifles
Sanson William, Royal Irish Rifles
Simpson Hugh Samuel, Royal Garrison Artillery
Shanks Robert T., Private Canadian Force
Taylor James, Private Bute Artillery
White Samuel, Private Bute Artillery
Woods James, Royal Army Service Corps
Woods John, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Woods Robert, Royal Navy
Workman W. E. H., Major
Woods Samuel, Royal Army Service Corps
Workman W. E. H., Major, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
Yeaman William Jas., M.M., Royal Irish Rifles

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