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Belfast City Corporation War Dead. This memorial is in Belfast City Hall.

Unveiling took place at noon, on Monday 22nd November, 1920. The memorial was unveiled by the Lord Mayor, (Councillor W. F Coates, J.P.) in the presence of a large gathering of friends and relatives of the fallen.
The memorial which is of cast bronze, occupies a prominent place on the west side of the main landing, in close proximity to the massive dome. It was designed and executed by Messrs. Purdy & Mallard, and was subscribed for by the officers of the Corporation. In the centre at the top there is a laurel wreath, inside of which are inscribed in raised letters the words “Pro Patria,” and on each side of the wreath the folds of a flag are displayed. The period of the war, 1914 – 18, is also recorded. There are 118 names on the tablet.

Adair, J. T.
Allen, Thomas J. (M.M.)
Rifleman, Royal Irish Rifles. Husband of Margaret Allen, of 50, Spring Street, Belfast.
Anderson H. McD.
Ardis, J.
Armstrong, J.
Baillie, James
Barlett, Thomas
Bartrop, Benjamin, Private,
Beattie, William James
Bell, Charles
Bell, J.
Bingham, Robert James
Bloomer, Robert
Bloxsom, Ernest
Bratton, George,
Brown, W,
Brown, W.R.
Burns, George
Burton, Robert.
Caldwell, John
Caldwell, Walter
Campbell, John,
Campbell, John, (gas department)
Corry, W.
Crossey, Charles
Crossey, Edward
Crymble, Charles
Cummins, W.
Daly, Peter F.
Davis, Maxwell
Dempster, Robert
Dickson, James
Dynes, J. Rifleman,
Royal Irish Rifles, Husband of Elizabeth Dynes, of 8, Lecale Street, Donegall Road, Belfast.
Farrell, Francis
Forster, James
Foster, John
Galway, William
Garvin, S.
Gatensby, Samuel.
Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles. Son of the late Thomas and Mary Gatensby, of Belfast.
Greer, William J.
Halfpenny, Patrick
Halliday, Thomas O.
Harvey, John
Hayes, Samuel
Heasley, Joseph
Henderson, Andrew
Heslip, Robert
Hill, William
Houston, Fred
Hughes, P.
Hughes, W.
Hughes, W. L.
Hule, George
Jamison, James C.
Jefferson, James
Johnston, Edward James
Johnston, W.
Jones, Robert
Kerr, Patrick
Leacock, H.
Livingston, W. M.
Lynas, F.
Lynas, John
Lynass, Andrew
Madden, T.
Molloy, Michael
Munn, R. J.
Murphy, John P.
McCahon, Robert (B.H.A.I.)
McCarroll, James
McClean, J.
McClements, W. J.
Clurg, William
McComb, William
McCune, James
McDonald, John
McGuicken, Robert J.
McKay, Joseph
McKeavney, T.
McKelvie, A.
McKeown, D.
McPherson, D.
McPherson, W. L.
Niblock, John
Nicholl, Alfred F.
Nixon, W.
Parkes, James
Patterson, W. A. D.
Poag, James,
Lance Corporal, Royal Irish Rifles. Son of Robert Poag and husband of Mary Poag, of 3,  William Street, Donaghadee, County Down. Belfast City Tramway Employee.
Ponise, William, Private Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.  Husband of Mary Ann Ponise, of 27,  Jetty Street, Belfast.  Served on the North-West Frontier and in the South African Campaign.
Potter, George
Quinn, R.
Ralph, Edward
Ransom Andrew
Rea. W.
Rea, W. A.
Riddell, David, B.Sc
Robinson, J.
Rox, Arthur
Runaghan, John
Scott, J.
Scott, William
Shanks, D.
Shannon, George M.
Shaw, William L. [M.C.] (B.A., B.E.)
Major, Royal Engineers. Son of Martin McKnight Shaw and Jane Elizabeth Shaw, of 13, Chlorine Gardens, Belfast; husband of Beatrice Margaret Shaw, of 32, Milton Park, Highgate, London
Shields, Samuel
Simpson, Alexander
Smith, A. P.
Smith, William J.
Smyth, John
Stokes, John A.
Taylor, William
Toner, Patrick
Towe, John
Trainor, P.
Worth, Arthur
Wortley, Thomas.
Serjeant, 07/06/1917 Service No: 14/17063 Royal Irish Rifles. Son of John and Isabella Wortley, of Belfast; husband of Hannah Wortley, of 2, Fleet Street, Belfast.
Wright, A. (M.C.)

Out of a total of 3,500 persons (men and women) in the service of the Corporation, 1,024 joined the colours.
Of the men who fell
33 were employed in the tramways department,
30 in the City Surveyor’s department,
25 in the gas department,
9 in the electricity department,
5 in the Technical Institute,
4 in the cemeteries and parks department,
2 in the City Accountant’s department,
2 in the fire brigade,
2 in the public health department, and
1 each in the Town Clerk’s department, Town’s Solicitor’ department, the libraries department, the abattoir, the markets, and the Purdysburn Fever Hospital.

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