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BALMORAL METHODIST CHURCH, Balmoral Avenue, Belfast. (This church no longer exists.)


Balmoral Methodist Church, Balmoral Avenue, Belfast. (This church no longer exists.)

To The Glory Of God And In Honoured Memory Of The Members Of This Church Who Served Their King And Country In The Great War 1914 – 1919.
These Gave Their Lives
Baxter Edward,
McCutcheon John Cecil,
Martin, Eric Franklin, Private, Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry). Son of the Rev. Pierce Martin and Rose Edith Martin, of 34, Bawnmore Rd., Balmoral, Belfast.
Murray James,
Riddell, David Moore, Second Lieutenant, The King's (Liverpool Regiment). Son of Henry and Mary Jane Riddell, of 51, Myrtlefield Rd., Belfast.
Scott, Walter Alexander,

These Also Served.
Adams, Ernest,
Baxter, Robert,
Brittain, Ernest,
Cathcart, Harry,
Crawford, Ernest,
Crawford, Harold,
Gamble, Baptist William,
Gibson, J. Herbert,
Gibson, R. E. Pearson,
Gillespie, Samuel,
Gorman, Hadden,
Johnson, Alfred W.,
McWilliam, William John,
Martin, Ernest B.,
Moore, Harold Percy,
Oldham, Edward G.
Oldham, Thomas H.
Oldham, John B.,
Riddell, William,
Simpson, Hugh,
Simpson, Samuel,
Strafford, Cyril,
Trimble, Archie,
Wallace, Eric,
Wilson, Sydney G.

Jennymount Methodist Church, Belfast.
“This is erected to the glory of God and in grateful remembrance of men from this  congregation who voluntarily offered their live in the Great War, 1914-1919, and whose names are inscribed on the memorial tablet in front.”

The tablet, a beautiful piece of workmanship in brass and oak, carried out by Mr. D. Mairs, 33 Great Victoria Street, Belfast, bore this additional inscription; -
“Jennymount Methodist Church. 1914 - 1919.
To the glory of God in honoured memory of the men of this congregation who served their King and country in the Great War.

Fallen Comrades
Bruce Adam,
Creighton Robert,
Graham Frank,
Gregg Robert,
Heaney Daniel,
Heathwood Robert,
Latimer, James,
Lavery Thomas,
Millar Jack,
Macauley Samuel,
M'Crum Alex.,
Moore Charles,
Moore Gavan,
M'Dowell Matthew,
Pace John,
Renwick William,
Scott Fredrick,
Wilson J. R.,
Wortley Thomas G.,
Williamson Samuel,
Young James.

Men who Served
J. Addis, W. Bain, W. Bain, jun.. R. Best, T. Bond, D. Bruce, R. Bruce, D. Carlisle, R. Curran. T. J. Davidson, W. Dick, J. Forsythe, H. Foster, T. Foster, W. Foster, L. Forster, T. Fulton, J. Heathwood, J. Hume, W. Hume, T. S. Hume   J. K. Hopo, W. Kennedy. S. Keys, W. Macauley. J. Mayes, R. Mayes, J. Millar, G. Millar, J. D. Millar, S.  Millar, R.N., S. Millar, J. Moore, R. Moore, W. Mullan, G. Munn, J. Munn, R. M'Carten, A. M'Crum, W. J. M'Crum, J. M'Donald, R. M'Donald, W. M’Donald, W. M'Dowell, E. M'Dowell, T.M'Garvey, C. E. M’Devitt, C. M’Roberts, J. Noble, J. Noble (junior), W. Neill, H. Officer, J. Orr, G. Patton, G Pollock, W. Prenter, J. Prenter, J. Rolston, T. Rolston. S. Rolston, T. Rea, R. Renwick, G. Scott, A. Selfridge, S. Selfridge, R. Selfridge. W. Selfridge, W. J. Simpson, P. Smith, A. Smith, W. Smith. A. Spratt, W. Shepherd, S. Stewart, R. Sturgeon, J. Thompson, J. Turkington, A. C. Turnbull, R. Waring, B. Whittaker, J. Wilson, and R. F. Wortley.
Below these ran these words,
‘To these and their brave comrades under God we owe the victory.’

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