Banbridge, County Down

Banbridge War Memorial
Banbridge War Memorial is located at the southern end of Newry Street.
‘Is the work of Mr. F. W. Pomeroy, R.A., the distinguished London sculptor, and has been erected at a cost of over £2,500. It is a striking work of art. Broad based, it rests upon a tier of four spacious steps of significant symbolism-endurance, faith, hope and love.
On the front panel is engraved in bold lettering the words-

“In Memory of the Men of Banbridge and district who laid down their lives serving their King and Country in the Great War 1914 – 1918.”

And on the other three sides appear the names of the 249 men who fell.
‘A diminishing shaft rises from the mounded top of the die: this is flanked on each of the four sides of the base there are friezes in bronze depicting war scenes. On the front panel the standard bearer with colours raised high occupies the central position, whilst grouped around are the gallant defenders awaiting a further onslaught. Fearless, staunch determination, and dauntless cougar are strongly portrayed in look and attitude. The other sides of the frieze depict attack and repulse of the enemy. Some stand rigid against the guns, grim sentinels robed in the majesty of death, while German horde, horse and rider, gives ghastly evidence of the conflict.’
At the top of the monument is the heroic figure of a British soldier. With right hand raised aloft, grasping the steel helmet, confidently beckoning to his comrades.
The Roll of Honour, which has been erected in the Free Library, recording the names of the men who fought and survived, was subsequently unveiled by Mrs. N. D. Ferguson, and dedicated by Bishop Grierson. It is a massive mural tablet in the Grecian Order, designed by Miss S. E. Emerson and carried out in Teakwood by Messrs. T. Proctor & Son. The inscription panels, which consist of copper plates on which upwards of 1,000 names appear

Names of the Fallen

Adair J.

Adair W.

Adamson John

Adamson Joseph

Anderson A.

Anderson J.G.

Anderson W.J.

Andrews R.H.

Arlow John

Arlow S.J.

Atkinson H.

Barr Robert

Barr R.J.

Barrett J.

Barrett R.H.

Beck J.

Beck J.A.

Bell H.

Bell H.D.

Bell Hugh,

Bell J.

Bell J.A.

Bell W.

Bennett W.

Best J.H.

Black M.

Brown E.

Brown H. (Jun.)

Brown H.G.

Brown J.

Burnett C. McA.

Burns J.

Byrne Arthur

Byrne, P.

Cairns William George

Campbell P.

Carragher James H.

Carson H.

Carson James

Carson John

Cassidy M.

Close R.

Close William

Connolly Archibald

Copeland J.H.

Copeland N.

Craig A.

Craig G.

Crawford John

Cromie S

Crozier T.A.W.

Crozier W.J.

Cully John

Curran J.

Curran Stanley

Dale A.

Dale David

Dale J.

Dennison James

Derby George

Dermott R.H.

Devlin J.

Devlin P

Devlin T.,

Diamond W.H.

Dickson J.

Dickson M.

Dillon D.

Donnelly P.,

Dougan A.,

Dumigan R.

Elliott J.

Elliott T.

Elliott W.

Ellison J.

Emerson J.

English J.

Ervine E.

Ervine J.

Finney J.

Flanigan John

Flanigan Joseph

Flanigan R.

Forsythe A.

Forsythe H.

Forsythe R.

Foster S.A.

Freeburn J.

French J.

Fry W.G

Geddis S.

Geoghegan J.

Gibson R.J.

Gillespie M.

Gordon W.

Graham E.

Graham H.

Graham T.

Greer Rev. R.U.

Hamilton S.G.

Hamilton W.A.

Hammond D.J.

Harper D. (Jun.)

Hawthorne D.A.

Hawthorne J.

Hawthorne W.J.

Herron W.A.

Hewitt N.

Hilland D.A.

Hoey G

Holmes W.

Homer G.

Houston J.

Hughes W.

Hylands J.

Jackson A.

Jardine A.

Jardine James

Jardine John

Jardine W.

Jennings J.G.

Jennings R.

Jennings W.J.

Jess E.

Jess W.J.

Johnston J.R.

Johnston W.

Johnston W.S.

Kearney P.

Keogh R

King G.W.

Knox G.

Laverty C.S.

Lavery J.

Law W.

Lindsay F.

Lutton J.

MacCormac J.S.D.

Mackin D.

Magill S.

Major W.H.

Manson A.

Massey W.

McAleavey P.

McAllister E.

McAllister J.

McAnearney, W.

McBride, G.A.

McBride, S. 

McCabrey R

McCall R.A.

McClean E.

McClean R.H.

McCleary R.J.

McClimonds J.

McCourt R.J.

McCracken S.

McCreanor M.

McDowell E.C.

McFadden J.

McFadden W.J.

McGowan D.

McGrath J.

McIlroy W.J.

McKane A.

McKenna T.

McKnight W.

McMullan E.

McMullan J.A.

McNeight T.A.

McNeill P.

McNeill R.

Mitchell A.

Mitchell M.

Moles T.

Montgomery R.

Mooney T.

Moore F.

Moorehead R.

Moran G.

Morgan J.H.

Morrow W.

Morton W.B.

Mulligan A.

Murphy, T.

Napier C.

Napier J.

Napier W

Nelson J.

Nicholson R.

O'Callaghan W.

O'Hagan J.

Orr W.

Orr W.J.

Pepper A.

Phoenix W.

Poots R.

Poots W.J.

Porter J.J.

Power G.

Power W.F.

Preston J.

Price W.

Rice H.

Rice Walter

Rice William

Rogers G.M. 

Rogers J.

Ross H.

Savage H

Scott R.

Scott T.

Shannon S.

Sheridan M.

Sheridan W.N.

Short A. (Jun.)

Simms A.C.C.

Simms G.L.

Simms H.C.

Simms J.E

Simpson J.

Small J.

Small T.W.B.

Smyth E.F.

Smyth G.B.J.

Smyth R.

Smyth W.H.

Smyth, R.S. 

Sneddon J.

Spain P.T. Royal Dublin Fusiliers, (formally Constable in R.I.C.)

Spears G. 

Taylor N.

Thompson C.

Trainor J.

Vennard F.

Walker L.

Watt J.

Watt R.

Weir J.

White G.T.

Williamson A.

Williamson G.

Wilson C.

Wilson R.

Wilson S.

Wilson T.

Wilson W.A.

Wylie J.

Young J.J.

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