Ballywalter, County Down

Ballywalter War Memorial is located at the junction of Main Street (A2) and Harbour Road at a place known locally as the Rock.
The Monument represents a Rifleman standing to arms, and is of cast bronze, and was executed by Mr. P. C. Bantham, R.B.A., London. The figure is erected upon a pedestal made from granite from Newcastle, County Down. The architects, Messrs. Munce and Kennedy, gave their services free- a consideration which was much appreciated.
The inscription on the memorial is; -

“In every living memory of the men of Ballywalter District
who gave their lives for their King and country in the Great War
1914 – 1918”

Major General Cameron, C.B., D.S.O., said he had been requested, as commander of the British troops in Ulster, to say a few words before the Memorial was unveiled. In his speech he said. “One felt directly one met the Ulster Division that they had amongst them men who were not only admirable fighters but excellent citizens, well conducted and well disciplined, because they were drawn together from a sense of duty, and their hearts were in the great cause. He felt that the Division pre-eminently represented the New Army, which brought together citizens of all classes, professions and trades, who instinctively recognised that it was their duty to sacrifice all and take up arms for Righteousness.” The number of men who had volunteered for service, represented a remarkably high proportion of the population.
The Honourable Harry Mulholland then announced the following names as set out on the plinth, who had sacrificed their lived for King and Country: -
Killed in Action

Adair John Lance Cpl. R.I.R.

Boyle Alex. Rifleman Australian Exped. Force

Cromie Robert Rifleman R.I.R.

Dorrian James Rifleman R.I.R.

Carpenter Robert, Rifleman R.I.R.

Corry Edward Rifleman  R.I.R.

Cromie David Rifleman R.I.R.

Dorrian James Rifleman Canadian Exped. Force.

Gunning Walter Lance Cpl.  R.I.R.

Gunning George G. Rifleman R.I.R.

Johnston Thomas Rifleman R.I.R.

Mulholland Honble. A. E. S. Captain  Irish Guards.

Murphy Robert Master Mariner.

O’Neill John Rifleman  R.I.R.

Orr Andrew Rifleman Canadian Exped. Force;

Orr  John Rifleman R.I.R.

Peake John Corporal  M.M., R.I.R.

Peake Reuben Rifleman  R.I.R.

Regan Robert Rifleman R.I.R.

Thompson Robert Coy. Sergt. Major King’s Own Regt.

Lance Robert Corporal R.I.R.

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