Ballynahinch, County Down
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Ballynahinch, County Down.
Ballynahinch War Memorial is located at the Belfast Road end of Main Street.
This memorial is Ballynahinch’s tribute to the 48 brave men from the town and district who made the Supreme Sacrifice in the Great War, and the 250 other gallant men who were spared to return. The Memorial, which occupies a commanding site at the Diamond, the gift of the Belfast and County Down Railway Company, is of reconstructed Portland stone, and is in the form of an obelisk, 27 feet high, with a base four and a half feet square. It has a moulded top and four recess panels, in one of which (that facing Railway Street) is a slate slab bearing the dedication and names of the fallen, and on the obverse panel there is a reference to those who served. The whole rises from broad concrete steps, and was originally enclosed by a protective surround of pillars and chains.  
The architect Mr. J. S. Munce, M.Inst.C.E., along with his assistant. Mr. C. T. M’Lynn, gave their valuable advice and services to the War Committee entirely free of cost.
The inscription on the memorial is ; -

1914 – 1918.’

Jas. Bailie

Jas. Black

Randolph Campbell

Jas. Clokey

Barry Coombe

Chas. Davis

Robt. Donnan

Wm. J. Doherty

Robt. Duffield

Wm. H.K. Ellison

Thos. Pat. Galway

Geo. Gordon

Henry Gray

Alex. Gribben

Wm. Robt. Gunning

Robt. Harkness

Matthew T. Harper M.M.

Jas. Healy

Samuel Hill

Wm. Geo. Hill

Lawson Houston

Wm. Houston

Sam. Hunter

Robt. J. Hunter

Alex. Kerr

Alex. Kincan

J.B. McBratney

John McGinnis

Geo. McKee

Fred. McKibben

Peter McParland

Joseph Marsh

Henry Martin

Jas. Martin

Robt. Love Melville

Jas. Moore

Francis Moran

Hans Morrison

Thomas Newell

Pat. O’Hare

Sam. Patterson

Robt. Scandrett

David Harden Scott, M.C

J. Herbert Scott

Johnston H. Simpson

Jas. Smyth

John Watson

Christopher T. Wood

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