Aghadowey, County Londonderry

Aghadowey, County Londonderry.
Aghadowey War Memorial is at a junction on the B66 road about 300m east of Aghadowey Presbyterian Church.
This memorial was erected at a cost of £700 and is the work of Messrs. John Robinson & Son, York Street, Belfast. Its height is 20 feet (6.75m) and the weight about eight tons. The obelisk is of granite, with polished panels, and mounted on a cement pedestal, having circular steps at top of six broad steps rising from the pathway. The site, which is a triangular shaped piece of ground, was the gift of Mr. George Gilmore, Carnrallagh.
Out of that parish 205 of their young people had volunteered to fight for their country in the great war, and 35 of them were killed.
The inscription is; -

“To the honour and glory and in grateful memory of those from this parish who served in the Great War, 1914-1919.
“At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.”

These made the supreme sacrifice; -

M. Archibald

W. Barr

T. Campbell

J. Campbell

J. Dempsey

J. Devennie

R. Dinnen

W. Dinnen

J. M. Dogherty

J. Downs

J. Dunlop

A. H. Hall

A. Harkin

W. J. Harkin

W. J. Kane

G. M. Kennedy

A. H. Livingston

T. G. Lynn

J. McCafferty

S. Macauley

W. McGugan

J. W. McIntyre

J. McKeeman

R. Millen

J. Neill

S. J. Peden

R. Stewart

T. Stewart

H. Taylor

W. Walker

J. Woodend

W. Workman

R. Knox

Nurse A. K. Shirley

Additional information supplied by Linda Gilmore.
The site is in the townland of Ballywillan. There was an old cannon on the site until it was removed for scrap c1963 being considered dangerous as the wooden wheels had rotted.

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